You Will LOVE These Disney PANDORA Charms and Bracelets!

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new Disney World Pandora jewelry

Updated for 2016!

For months, cheapskate Disney jewelry collectors rolled quarters and ate sandwiches in lieu of restaurant meals as they anticipated the new Disney PANDORA jewelry that came out in 2014. You better get your Disney Visa card ready, because these jewelry items are just as cute now as they were then.

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Wonderful World Bracelet – $75

As a perfect starting point for a collection, PANDORA’s classic silver bracelet is embellished with the Cinderella Castle and a Disney Parks engraving. This bracelet comes in sizes 7.1″, 7.5″, 7.9″, 8.3″, and 9.1″. Use this link for information on this piece on 

Disney Wonderful Parks Pandora bracelet


Disney Pandora jewelry prices

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Mickey and Minnie Mouse ”Mickey & Minnie” Charm – $85

It’s not hard to be inspired by the timeless love story of Minnie and Mickey. This charm is a two-sided dangle, symbolizing two hearts beating as one. Wouldn’t this be perfect for the couple honeymooning or simply in someone in love?  Use this link for information on this piece on

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Pandora jewelry

Mickey and Minnie Mouse Disney parks Pandora jewelry charmMickey and Minnie Pandora heart charm


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Disney Pandora Charms

Mickey Mouse ”I LOVE MICKEY” Charm – $65

This striking charm is a beautiful combination of pure white enamel and shimmering cubic zirconia. The details are fun and stylish. Use this link for information on this piece on 

Mickey Mouse ''I LOVE MICKEY'' CharmMickey Mouse ''I LOVE MICKEY'' Disney World Charm

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where to buy Mickey Mouse Pandora Disney jewelry

Mickey Mouse ”LOVE Mickey” Charm – $55

PANDORA’s LOVE dangle is now available with a sweetly embellished ”O,” forming the iconic Mickey shape. You can wear it on a bracelet, or you can use it as a pendant on a necklace. You’ll keep that Disney love with you wherever you go! Use this link for information on this piece on

Mickey Mouse Love jewelry pandora charm

Mickey Mouse ''LOVE Mickey'' Pandora Charm

how much do Disney World Pandora charms cost


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Mickey Minnie Pandora jewelry


Minnie Mouse ”Minnie Icon” Charm – $40

This dangle is all about the timeless elements of Minnie Mouse, featuring sterling silver with red and black enamel. Use this link for information on this piece on

Minnie Mouse ''Minnie Icon'' Charm

Minnie Mouse Pandora Icon Charm

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Pandora silver Disney charms

Mickey Mouse ”Heart of Mickey” Charm – $55

PANDORA’s classic silver heart now features a sparkling Mickey. This charm will undoubtedly add a stylish touch to any bracelet. Use this link for information on this piece on

Mickey Mouse ''Heart of Mickey'' Pandora Charm

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Pandora Disneyland charms


Minnie Mouse ”Classic Minnie” Charm – $45

Showcasing PANDORA’s dedicated craftsmanship, the sweet Murano glass charm is filled with colorful Minnie silhouettes. Each charm is truly unique and a great way to add a bit of fun and individuality to your bracelet. Use this link for information on this piece on

Minnie Mouse ''Classic Minnie'' Charm

Minnie Mouse Pandora Charm

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Pandora jewelry at Disney World

Mickey Mouse ”Mickey Icon” Charm – $40

It really doesn’t get more “Mickey” than bllack ears, red pants and shiny silver buttons, and all the essential elements of Mickey Mouse are captured in this whimsical charm.  Use this link for information on this piece on

Mickey pandora charm

Disney Pandora jewelry prices

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Pandora Disney charms

Disney World and Disneyland Pandora jewelry

The purchase of these items is limited to three per guest.  I’m certain Santa’s Helpers at the Pandora factory are working overtime to make sure you get what you want in your stocking. To see all the charms and bracelets, use this link to the Disney

So will you be making a PANDORA purchase for your next vacation? Oh, how I love them all, but I can hear my Disney Visa in the other room, moaning in pain.


Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you leaning over the PANDORA charm case, fogging up the glass, drooling…

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