How Can You Get Merchandise Coupons for Disney World and Disneyland?!

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As if you haven’t paid enough for Disney World tickets, accommodations, travel expenses, and food, then you will pay a small fortune for Disney souvenirs and gifts while you are on vacation. You almost always get what you pay for in terms of a good quality item, but Disney gift shop merchandise is expensive. One question you occasionally see on Disney Internet forums is, “Can you get coupons for souvenirs and merchandise at Disney World and Disneyland?” While not all the time, the answer is yes, but you have to actually be there to get them.

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How do you get a coupon?

During certain times of year, select quick-service locations in Walt Disney World Resort and Disneyland Resort print merchandise coupons on your food receipts. It always pays to double check your receipt to make sure your charges are accurate, but it especially pays off if you notice a printed coupon.

There does not appear to be a list of participating locations providing coupons available on the Internet. I even phoned the 1-407 W Disney number, and a Cast Member could not name the participating restaurants. We’ll post an update if we can get our hands on a list!

How much can you save?

Traditionally, the amount is 20 percent.

Is there a promotion going on now?

The current coupon promotion runs from March 18 to April 28 at participating dining locations. Chances are you will not see any signs promoting this event  in gift shops, but you can always ask a Cast Member if your coupon is valid at that particular location.

So in the month of April, you have several weeks left to go for this promotion.

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Disney Dooney

What did our  Cheapskate Princess Facebook Fans use their coupons for?

Denise, “I bought gifts for the grandchildren in Epcot.”

Jenny,  “I used mine to buy a new Dooney.

Stephanie, “I used mine to buy a watch. I was going to buy a Vera Bradley purse, but they didn’t have the pattern I wanted, and I talked myself out of the Dooney.”

Lindsey, “We use the coupons in Downtown Disney at the Christmas Store. We like to buy a few ornaments each trip to add to our collection, and it helps us save some money. We also have used them for the Art on Demand in the Art of Animation store in  Downtown Disney.  It basically pays for the shipping home, and then it’s one less item to worry about on the plane. Tip!  If you purchase your art the day before you leave or the day you’re leaving, then it will arrive at your house after you get home.  So you don’t have to worry about it being left on your front steps and possible being stolen.”

Stacey, “We got 20% off all of our souvenirs in World of Disney. I LOVE coupons!”

Susan, “We have used them frequently. We actually plan our shopping trips to allow for their use. We buy Dooneys and souvenirs.”

As you can see, many of our fans use these coupons to make larger souvenir purchases like handbags and jewelry. Every dollar you save helps…

Mickey Mouse necklace

Have you used the dining coupons? Tell us what you purchase with yours!

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