How Can You Look Like a Disney Princess? Start With Their Make Up!

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Beautifully Disney Princess cosmetics

Those Disney Princesses sure are pretty. If you ask a little girl to say one word about her favorite princess, chances are she will answer “She is pretty.” How do they do it, work so hard all day and still look amazing? I’m sure we cal all agree that it’s their choice of make up, naturally!  Come on, admit, it, make up is the first word that popped into your mind.

You want to be a beautiful Disney Princess? Then you’ll need to follow their beauty regimen and purchase some Beautifully Disney cosmetics. Did you know the Disney Company sells make up, not really for the under 12 crowd, but marketed toward adult women?

Can you afford it?

It’s not as expensive as you might think, some of it anyway.

what make up a Disney Princess wears

Beautifully Disney is a collection of cosmetics and beauty products exclusive to Disney Parks. How does Disney define timeless beauty, like the beauty of those princess? “Through collections of fairytale nostalgia, unlocking harmonious colors, with the goal to keep you romanced by the contrast of mysterious yet inviting colors.”

Beautifully Disney lip gloss

There are two cosmetics collections now, Wickedly Beautiful and Unlock the Spell.

Wickedly Beautiful will take you into a world of good versus evil, where soft and deep lacquer crèmes shimmer with glitter. Wickedly Beautiful not only adds an air of sophistication with its luxurious color palette but it allows you to define your own character by choosing to be a romantic princess or villainous vixen.

Unlock the Spell creates modern interpretations of Tiana, Belle and Rapunzel.

Let’s take a look at the prices…

Disney Villains and Princess inspired lip glosses are sheer, shimmering and highly wearable, which means they are not just for the ball.

Lip Gloss – $14.95

Disney World princess lip gloss

Disney Queen make up

Disney World make up

The collections includes princess and villain inspired lacquer crème nail polish and eye shadow.

The eye shadow palettes contain four unique yet complementing colors. You can create a classic smoky eye by using the Disney Villains palette or a sweet, romantic look with the Disney Princess palette. And if you are feeling particularly creative, you can use a little from both palettes to create your own special look.

The colors complement each other and can be mixed, matched and layered for endless combinations.

Eye Shadow Palette $27.95 each

Enchanted Kiss

how to look like a beautiful princess

Midnight Hour

Beautiful Make up

What about the nails?

Disney Polish for $8.95 each

Disney Princess Nail Polish

Princess Nail Polish

A five piece brush set retails for  $19.95.

Sometimes this set is offered at a discount price of $15.00 plus tax with any Beautifully Disney Cosmetic merchandise purchase of $40.00 or more. So look out for the combo discount if you make a cosmetics purchase.

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The Beautifully Disney cosmetics collection is designed to bring out the brilliance of your inner most beauty, turn you into a princess in your own right if you will. This character-inspired cosmetics collection is the first of its kind for the Disney Parks,  developed to evoke spirit, beauty, and fantasy.

Where can you purchase Beautifully Disney products?

1. Contact Disney Parks Merchandise Guest Services at 1.877.560.6477 to order the beauty collection.

2. Visit the parks and resorts. You’ll find the collection at Trend-D at Downtown Disney, and you’ll find it in many of the resort gift shops. You can’t miss the large displays.

I think the eye shadow and lip gloss prices are on the financial level of high end cosmetics you would purchase in upper end stores. If they don’t fit into your budget, you can always start off with the nail polish, because at $8.95, that’s not a whole lot more than polish you can purchase at Target or Walgreens.

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