Fabulous Disney-Inspired Wedding Rings, Perfect for a Disney Princess!

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Disney World Weddings and Rings

Updated for 2018!

There are so many people who LOVE Walt Disney World. If you’re one of those people, chances are you have dreamed about a wedding for yourself or your child on the Disney property, or maybe you’ve even thought about renewing your wedding vows in Orlando. What better way to show your love for your future (or current!) life partner than a beautiful ring, and what better way to show your enthusiasm for your favorite vacation destination than by adorning it with Mickey Mouse!

We searched the Internet for images of rings with a Mickey Mouse-Disney theme. Sometimes we can locate the original source of the image, and we’ll provide links so you can see them for yourself.  While at other times, the images don’t seem to have a place of origination. In this case, if you decide this is the ring you just have to have for yourself, a trip to a local jeweler with a photo could be the route you need to take.

Disney World Pressed Penny Jewelry Fit for a Disney Princess!

This ring was pinned on Pinterest from a Tumbler site called everythingdisney.tumbler.net. Use this link to find it here.  

Disney wedding ring

This Disney ring set, one of my favorites, appeared on Pinterest from a site called weheartit.com. Use this link to see it here. 

Disney engageent rings, Mickey Mouse wedding rings

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This beautiful ring set comes from Disney Fine Art Photography & Video. Pinterest is filled with absolutely amazing photos from this company. It’s well worth your free time to look around their site.

beautiful Disney wedding rings

I found this ring on Pinterest, but there seemed to be no store or article of origin. I bet a quality jeweler could easily design this for the right bride.

Mickey Mouse engagement ring

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When we published this article in March of 2014, we noted that this particular ring has been making the rounds on Pinterest for years now, unfortunately with no point of origination. And then we were contacted by the actual owner.

Lisa Reese tells us,The ring with the Hidden Mickey, the “one of unknown origin that has been making it’s rounds on pintrest” is my engagement ring. My guy did a GREAT job picking it out. It is not a “true” hidden Mickey, or not an intended one. He said it reminded him of my earrings that I wear everyday and it could be our own hidden Mickey. BUT every Disney fan sees it right away. So much for a secret hidden Mickey! LOL

It was bought 6.5 years ago. I just did a search and it looks like it is not on their website!”


And now you know who owns this stunning ring.

The engagement ring below was located on the Japanese Disney Store. Since I do not speak Japanese, I have no idea about the actual cost, which was listed at 540,000円. (??!!)  Use this link if you read Japanese! McCool commented below to tell us the exchange value for this ring would be about $5,000 in U.S. currency.

Disney inspired engagement ring


This engagement ring set was found on Pinterest, and it reportedly originated from the Japanese Disney Store as well, although I could not find a current link.

Disney engagement ring set

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This ring was found on Pinterest with no store location or article of origin.

Disney engagement ring

This ring was also found on Pinterest with no store location or article of origin.

Mickey Mouse diamond wedding ring

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Many people do not realize the Disneystore.com sells what could pass for engagement rings. This diamond Icon Mickey Mouse Ring for Women in 14K Rose Gold retails for $3950 before taxes and shipping. Use this link for details and ordering information. 

Disney gold engagement ring

This 14 KT gold and diamond Mickey Mouse Ring, from the Disney Dream Collection, retails for $500 before taxes and shipping.  Use this link for details and ordering information. 

gold Mickey Mouse wedding ring

This diamond petite Icon Mickey Mouse Ring, in 14K rose gold, retails for $1200 before taxes and shipping.  Use this link for details and ordering information. 

diamond Disney engagement ring


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And gentlemen, if you really want to step it up a notch, go platinum!

This Mickey Mouse diamond ring for men in platinum retails for $590o before taxes and shipping..  Use this link for details and ordering information.

Disney platinum wedding ring

This Mickey Mouse diamond ring for women in platinum retails for $6075 before taxes and shipping.. Use this link for details and ordering information.

Disney Platinum engagement ring

Another cool idea for a Disney-inspired touch for your wedding is to have a Disney quote inscribed on the inside of your wedding bands. This photo came from gemvara.com.

Disney wedding ring


If big diamonds and Disney weddings seem a bit too pricey for your budget right now, then you’ll want to know about this alternate idea, which is totally free…

Can’t Afford a Wedding at Walt Disney World? The Next Best Thing is Totally FREE!

There you have it, engagement and wedding Disney-inspired rings for the lovers and the Disney lovers at heart, all fit for a Disney Princess.

So tell us, would you purchase a Disney-themed engagement ring or would you prefer something more traditional?

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