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Back in the summer of 2016, while cell phone game players were walking around like zombies collecting virtual Pokemons, I got busy winning Disney emojis I could send to my friends in texts. Granted, they are not a prize I can hold in my hand, but I can insert them into text after text, and there are hundreds to collect.

As soon as I saw the Disney emojis, I knew I had to have them, and two years later, I still play for new characters and emojis. And best of all, unless you just really feel the need to play extra games, the emojis are totally free!

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Ready to start collecting yours? Here’s how…

It’s a pretty simple process to start playing. Head over to the app store.

Disney emoji Blitz

Set up is very easy, not that I had anything to compare it to. This is the only game I have ever put on my phone in the history of me owning phones that had the ability to play games. My kids think this is comical. This was a big step for me; had it been difficult, I might never have made it to the first game.

The hardest part of the whole operation was putting in my age. I’m kidding – sort of – it’s pretty simple.

Disney Emoji Blitz free app.

You can collect all sorts of Disney character emojis. You get your first Emoji for free; I picked Ariel.

Emoji Blitz characters

Thereafter, you “purchase” Emojis with points that you earn.

Disney emoji Sulley

Disney emoji Minnie Mouse

You can buy – with real cash money – extra lives to earn points to then earn more emojis, or purchase with real money gems to swap for extra lives to earn more points, but I have never paid a dime.

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Playing the game is easy.

Just swap emojis so the same characters are in a row. Arranging three, four, and five characters in a row will cause them to disappear, and you then receive points for any disappearing characters.

If you ever played Candy Crush, you already know how this process works. There was a cute game on the Webkinz website years ago that was also similar, and as many of you know already, these type games are somewhat addicting.

Disney Emoji blitz swap characters to play

You have 60 seconds per game, and you get a new game every 10 minutes. Once you reach five games, you will not get any more until you play again. If you log off the app for more than 50 minutes, you will not come back to find any more than five games.

instructions for Disney Emoji Blitz

After you earn 15,000 points, you can buy silver level emojis. These have low point values. When you earn 30,000 points, you can buy gold level emojis, which have higher point values. Gold emojis also have powers that will clear more characters than the silver emojis.

It will take longer to collect the gold emojis, but they are worth it.

how to buy Disney emojis

As you purchase characters, you will often just receive a power increase. This prolongs the game, because if you collected all the characters at top speed, you would;t play anymore.

I read a comment recently where a man said he spent 90,000 coins and all he received was three power ups. I am sure this can and will occur the longer you play, but it’s random.

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character powers in Disney Emoji Blitz

When you first start playing, try to clear emojis that you have collected/purchased. You will receive no points for cleared characters that you have not unlocked/purchased. The longer you play and collect emojis, the higher points all your emojis will then be worth.

Disney emojis

To keep the game interesting and help you earn coins, you can start working on daily missions and challenges.

Disney emoji blitz missions

earn coins Disney Emoji Blitz

And if you complete the missions, you win coins and gems.

completing missions for Disney Emoji Blitz

I noticed when the app was first released, many people had difficulty using the emojis on their phones. There are instructions on setting up the keyboard, so just follow the steps.

Disney Emoji Blitz keyboard set up instructions

You will add Emoji Blitz to your phone keyboard.

Disney Emoji Blitz phone set up


Many people were upset over an announcement you will see as you set up your keyboard to use the emojis.

Disney emoji blitz full access to keyboard

I don’t mind telling you, it had me concerned as well. My husband completely freaked out and insisted I stop playing.

So I turned to Google, which took me to

Disney emoji blitz full access to keyboard explanation

I felt a lot better after reading this. And while I obviously cannot offer any sort of guarantee, I hope you feel better too. Computer systems get hacked, phones get hacked, but I felt secure no one was collecting information for my credit card numbers.

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As I said, you can play the game completely for free and collect boo-coodles of emojis. I have not paid for a single thing thus far, and I have loads of emojis to choose from. But you do have the option to purchase gems and coins to make collecting emojis easier and/or faster.

buying jems on Disney Emoji Blitz

You can buy extra lives with gems. Every 30 gems gives you five additional lives, and you’ll blow through those in about six minutes.These offers also change intermittently.

buy extra gems on Disney Emoji Blitz

I’m still hanging onto the idea that I will not spend any money playing this game.

Some of my favorite moments:

The 10 million point day:

The app malfunctioned. I should have known this within minutes because 60 seconds stayed on the clock without ever counting down. But the game just kept going. So I kept playing, for a LONG time, like about 45 minutes, until my fingers ached and my family was irritated with my focus not on them. When I finally had no finger strength left, I stopped. I had collected over six thousand points in that one game, and of course, when the next game started, my real coins remained unchanged as if the game had never existed except in this screenshot.

Lesson learned!

Disney Emoji Blast big score

The Dress Collection:

I really worked hard for this particular collection of emojis, and that’s funny for me, because I am not even that much of a princess fan. But these dresses, man I wanted them.

collecting Disney emoji blitz princess dresses

The High Score Days

After several weeks of playing, I had never logged into the app. using Facebook, but one day, I decided to use the Facebook log in just to see if anything was different. I noticed I had the high score. I still have no idea if I beat more than these eight people, but for that day, I was the winner! (Turns out none of these “people” were real- they are all fake computer friends. In my mind though…I am still a total winner!)

high score Disney emoji blast

And since…

win at Disney Emoji Blitz

You get 10,000 points for attaining a first place finish each week, which is a great start toward another emoji purchase.

emoji blitz Disney characters

Off and on, sometimes there are glitches in the Leaderboard part of the game, because at least in my case, points have not been awarded weekly, and it doesn’t always reset after 7 days.

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What you are collecting are large emojis. Many people have complained they were too big, but personally, I really like how they are larger than normal.

Disney Emojis


14281424_10205412776759244_817669676_n 14256579_10205412776719243_1809987192_n

Free Disney emojis to send in texts – perhaps the best thing I have worked for in a long time! Let me now if you are playing and if you use the emojis in your daily texts. I am anxiously awaiting the next set of non-character emojis to be released, because I have collected as many as they have.


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