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Decorate like a Disney hotel room

Updated for 2016!

Sometimes people love Disney so much, they run around with Mickey Mouse purses, sporting jewelry and t-shirts for everyone to see. Others get tattoos of characters and Cinderella Castle, while they rattle off famous Walt Disney quotes. And then there are those who decorate their homes with a Disney flair. Given that Disney World is such a visual place, and most of us spend so little time there throughout the year, decorating a room with a Disney theme could be one of your best options to keep that vacation feeling alive after you return from your trip. And what’s more Disney-iconic than Mickey Mouse.

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We’ve been searching the Internet high and low for images of cool Disney -specifically Mickey- decorating ideas. If there is a chance you can re-create this look in your home for less than a fortune, we’ll throw in our cheapskate pointers. We can’t live in the Cinderella Castle Suite at the Magic Kingdom, in fact most of us will only see it in photos. But the only thing to stop you from creating your own personal Mickey themed suite is a budget and your imagination. And maybe a spouse or two, but you are on your own with that one!

The Bedroomist.com had this Mickey and Minnie bedspread, not for sale, but just as an example of a Disney bedroom. White curtains, white lamp and accessories, and Mickey cartoons above the headboard tie the room in together. The feature here is the Mickey bedspread. Every now and then, Google “Disney bedspread” to see if anything new has come on the market. We’ll give you some eBay ideas later on.

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Mickey Minnie Mouse bedspread

This fireplace photo was pinned on Pinterest, with no location of original origin. If you’ve seen it on a website, leave me the address so I can give them credit. Unless you have welding and metal-cutting tools hanging around to accompany your metal works skills, this fireplace screen will be out of your decorating reach. However, red and white candles are easy to collect and not that expensive, which would look great next to a Mickey statue or vase on the fireplace hearth.

Shop for candles after Christmas sales when red items are frequently on sale…

Mickey Mouse Disney fire screen

Kidsomania.com posted this photo of a room that would be fairly easy to replicate. They listed Pinterest as the photo source. Take a Mickey or favorite Disney image and have it printed in a large size. Attach that to wood backing or picture frames, and there you go… instant Disney art at a Discount price.

Notice the black and white color scheme; you can pick up black and white bottles from stores like Target or Bed Bath & Beyond most any day. The dash of red gives it that Mickey flair.

east DIY Mickey Mouse themed bedroom

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This photo from dekoidea.com shows an easy idea that you could pull off with a simplistic red couch and some black pillows. The Mickey head artwork could be replicated by hand, once you create a stencil and buy some black (and why not red!) paint. If straight lines are not your forte, go with swirls and polka dots.

Mickey Mouse disney themed living room ideas

Found on jin.jcic.or.jp, the photo of this Mickey themed room has been floating around Pinterest for years. I can’t seem to track down the original creator. If the headboard would be too difficult to re-create in wood or plastic, allowing for the soft yellow lighting behind the black head, then you could just paint on the wall. While the ability to paint is an invaluable skill, paint itself is relatively cheap.

Throw in some yellow pillows, red curtains and blankets, and just imagine this as a child’s bedroom or a guest room. The stainless steel lamps add a nice modernistic touch.

Mickey Mouse bedroom

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In what may be the coolest Disney rooms ever Imagineered…

The Disneyland Hotel offers five different Signature Suites located on the 11th floor of the Adventure Tower at the Disneyland Hotel, with special Disney themes and décor. Stay and play as a pirate, a princess, a miner or an explorer, or experience the ultimate VIP Disney experience in the grand Mickey Mouse Penthouse. Depending on the time of year you visit, these suites cost thousands of dollars per night. And that’s why I’m stuck looking at images instead of unpacking my bags. 

The Mickey Mouse Penthouse offers spectacular views of the 500-acre resort, overlooking Disneyland Park, Disney California Adventure Park and the Downtown Disney District. To view these masterpieces of architecture, there are floor-to-ceiling windows everywhere. Pay attention to the use and color of drapes in these photos. Stores like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Wal-mart, not to mention all sorts of Internet stores, carry drapes, which can have a dramatic impact on a room.   

Disney living room decorating ideas

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The penthouse makes full use of “Mickey’s” signature colors of black, white, red and yellow. They seem to have integrated every one of those colors in the rug alone. Don’t have the cash to buy a floor decoration like this one? Try Lowe’s – they have all sorts of large area rugs in a multitude of colors.

Rooms to Go and Badcock Furniture come to mind as furnishing retailers that carry leather living room pieces with clean lines and no fluff. These leather chairs and the ottoman are simple and non-fussy, just like Mickey. There is a gray sofa (black and white check?) in the photo above, because gray is a color that works nicely with the “Mickey’s signature colors,” especially when paired with stainless steel. All the dark wood is fabulously expensive looking!

You’ll need some art skill to re-create the Mickey drawings on the wall behind the desk. Photos and sketches from the Disney library are prominently displayed in the Disneyland Mickey Mouse Penthouse suite, featuring images of Walt and Mickey rarely seen by the public. You may not have those art skills, but you could easily frame some Disney or Mickey posters, and all it takes is cash for that. Try Hobby Lobby for large photo frames in dark wood colors.

Notice the Mickey themed accessories in every section of the bookshelves.

how to decorate like Disney World

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In case you were curious, the 1,600 square feet suite has an open living room, dining and kitchen area, two bedrooms and two and one-half bathrooms. There are classic Mickey Mouse images and three-dimensional Mickey artwork everywhere you turn. Plus an amazing blue Mickey-shaped ceiling light!

The formal dining area seats eight guests, and while you probably cannot replicate the dining room chairs with Mickey drawings, try Rooms to Go for dining furniture. Red curtains and a white and red light fixture should be easy accessories to acquire.

The bar areas uses more of the dark wood and yellow leather seating. Notice how circles of differing sizes could be used to decorate the walls, if Mickey heads are hard to acquire.

Mickey Mouse themed dining room

Mickey Mouse dining room and bar

Mickey Mouse bar

I know you noticed the Mickey phone and that great Mickey statue…be thinking eBay here.

This bedroom uses red and yellow walls, red and black carpet, and more shelving for Mickey accessories. The plush dolls you bought the children and they outgrew?  Well, these would make great accessories for a future Mickey themed guest room. Grandkids would simply love this!

Disney bedroom ideas
I have added just one photo of the Mickey penthouse bathrooms. They use the same signature Mickey colors, and Wal-Mart and Target frequently have Disney themed bathroom accessories at very reasonable prices, from garbage cans to shower curtains.

Disney bathroom decorating ideas

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Now let’s take a look at some more of the more close up images from the The Disneyland Hotel Mickey Mouse Penthouse suite.

You’ll need the help of a carpenter to imitate this ceiling lighting, a pretty good one at that, but wow wee, but what an effect!

Disney children's room decorating and lighting

In many of the bookcase nooks and crannies, you’ll spot Mickey statues. These are pricey in stores at Downtown Disney like the Art of Disney store. You can find smaller versions at your local Hallmark, and as with any Disney merchandise, do some searching on eBay for vintage finds and bargains.

Red, yellow, or black pottery should be much easier to locate at stores ranging from Wal-mart to Hobby Lobby. If you are like me, good luck keeping that plant alive!

Mickey Mouse statue for a child's room

This vase would be easy to recreate, as well as mimicking the red flowers. New Mickey themed books can be found in  all sorts of book stores, online retailers, and even occasionally at second-hand stores like Goodwill.

how to decorate a Mickey Mouse room

Stainless Steel lamps add a modern touch. Again those Disney books would be easy to find, although finding them cheap may take some work and a patient attitude.

Mickey Mouse master bedroom suite

Looking for ideas for children’s bedrooms?

The Mickey Mouse Penthouse truly demonstrates the excellent use of the classic Mickey color scheme, integrating accessories and dark furniture. Red and yellow walls, black and red carpet, black or stainless steel furniture accentuated by framed Mickey artwork. While this particular bedspread may be hard to come by, white or gray bedding would be relatively easy to find, perked up with Mickey-colors throw pillows. 

how to decorate a Mickey Mouse room

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This bedroom design would be fabulous for the older teen that will still allow you some flexibility in decorating their room. When they head off to college, jobs or wherever life takes them, the transition to guest rom will take no time at all. Throw in dark frames around the artwork, a dark wood headboard featuring red leather, and a black lamp with a beige shade.

The bedding here is red and black without a hint of a Mickey face, drawing your eye in with white and red accent pillows. The drapes are plaid, which would not be too hard to find in stores from time to time. The carpet here is beige, as is the dust ruffle on the bed, with circles easier to find than Mickey heads obviously.

Mickey Mouse bedroom tips and ideas

And that simple red chair, accented from behind with a full body Mickey silhouette, which was painted on a closet door. Do you know a teacher? Ask if they have a projector you can borrow for the weekend. You could knock that out in an hour given a background to fill in.

Mickey Mouse guest bedroom

Bedding is going to make a huge difference in the look of your room.

Found on esivi.com, this double twin bedroom is quite simplistic in its nature, and what catches your eye are the bedspreads. You may not be able to reproduce the Mickey painting on the wall, or is that a sticker? But the Mickey artwork would be a simple find, with red and white walls and dark furniture.

cute Mickey and Minnie Mouse bedding

Bhousedesain.com offered this photo for the Disney sports fan, combining two loves into one, while perhaps appealing more to the boys in your home.

Mickey Mouse baseball room

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On the day I searched, eBay had over 500 Mickey phones for sale, ranging in price from $30 to $100, some in working order and some not.

ebay Mickey Mouse phone

That day there certainly was no shortage of Mickey themed wall clocks.

Mickey Mouse clock for Disney decorating

EBay search “Mickey Mouse statue,” and you will find all sizes and prices, ranging from 2 inch and under $20 to statues over $350. Just because it says “yard statue” doesn’t mean it has to be placed outdoors.

decorate a Disney bedroom

Speaking of finding that just-right bedding, try searching “Mickey Mouse bedspread” on eBay. This twin set was $65.00 with free shipping.

where to buy Mickey Mouse Disney bedding bedspreads

This Disney Mickey Mouse/Minnie Duvet Cover in a twin size comes with a fitted sheet and a pillow case. This set was listed for $110 with free shipping on a “Buy It Now” option.

Mickey Minnie douvet cover

Wow, when I finished looking through all these photos, I immediately wanted to paint my bedroom wall red.

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you “borrowing” the Mickey dolls from your kid’s rooms, relocating them to the bookcase in the living room.

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