Disney 2020 Halloween Merchandise Released

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Disney sparkle Halloween bag for trick or treating

Disney Halloween merchandise recently landed in stores for 2020, and for kids, this could be the highlight of your fall holiday shopping experience. If park tickets are not in your foreseeable future but you are visiting Orlando, stop by Disney Springs. 

World of Disney in Disney Springs is a humongous retail store located in Disney Springs, which feels more like an experience than a store. They carry a large variety of Disney character-themed clothing, housewares, toys, jewelry, and collectibles. It’s a must-visit if you spend any time at Disney springs.

World of Disney Halloween merchandise shopping

The collectible theme would definitely apply to Disney Halloween merchandise, since most people will only display Halloween items for a month of so each year. You could stretch this for two months if you left the house decorated through Thanksgiving.

Disney Halloween Merchandise

I taught my kids the fine art of window shopping at a young age. Helping children to look around at everything is important on a window shopping trip, rather than immediately trying to make a purchase. Chances are, kids don’t have the unlimited finds to buy everything they want

The window displays are changed out for the holidays, starting with Disney Halloween merchandise. 

Start with the windows outside, being sure not to miss taking a peek as you head for the door.

Disney Halloween display of kids clothes

Disney Halloween merchandise with adult clothing

The indoor Disney Halloween merchandise displays would work just fine in a window somewhere, because they typically have mannequins as well.

Disney Halloween adult clothing displays

Disney Halloween adult clothing racks

Disney Halloween pumpkins displayDisney Halloween dress display

Time to Touch Everything

Once you’ve taken in the larger displays, it’s time to see things up close and personal. If you do let the kids touch, be careful of glass items. Even if Halloween seems like a child’s holiday, there seems to be so much glass merchandise in so any places.

glass Halloween pumpkin at Disney World

glass poison apples at Disney World

Mickey Mouse pumpkin Halloween decoration

Mickey Mouse pumpkins display

Crocs were some of my favorite of the Disney Halloween merchandise, I think because It’s so rare to see pumpkins or Haunted Mansion colors on Crocs.

I see you…cupcakes.

Disney pumpkin Crocs for sale

Disney Haunted Mansion Croc shoes

There’s a lot of random Disney Halloween merchandise, like wreaths and headbands.

Mickey Mouse Halloween colored door wreath

Disney holiday Halloween headbands

So many pumpkins, so little time, and so little money to purchase!

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you in the gift shops, touching everything, and then applying hand sanitizer.

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