Decline Disney World Housekeeping to Save $10 a Day?

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Decline Disney World Housekeeping? Why would you ever do this? Walt Disney World Value and Moderate Resort hotels (including the Cabins at Disney’s Fort Wilderness Resort) are still offering a trial phase Service Your Way program that gives you the ability to decline housekeeping services during your resort stay. If you decide not to have your room cleaned each day, you will receive a Disney Gift Card worth $10 per night for all nights of your stay except one. So if you spend 7 nights in a Disney resort, you will receive a $60 gift card if you decline housekeeping, which Disney fans in-the-know also call “Mousekeeping.”

Should you save money by cleaning your own resort room or simply enjoy being pampered? 

Decline Disney World Housekeeping

How to get the gift card

At the Value and Moderate resorts, you can decline Disney World Housekeeping before or upon your arrival. You will receive an e-mail with your gift card that you can use in the gift shops on property or in the theme parks if you so choose.

Once declined, what now?

If you want a clean room and you’ve declined Mousekeeping services, you’ll be tidying up your own resort room, cleaning up your bathroom, and making your own beds (if this is important to you.)

You have the option to wash your own towels if you do laundry during your stay, or you can get towels from Mousekeeping directly or at the front desk.

What if you need room supplies?

Upon check in, you can ask the front desk for a few extra towels, garbage bags, and toiletries. If you see housekeeping in the mornings in the hallways, you can also ask for supplies.

You have the option to call Mousekeeping on your room phone and they will bring you what you need. Our non-cheapskate recommendation is to tip, since you turned down housekeeping services. We are all about saving money, but we like for Cast Members to get paid when they are working.

Our reader Amanda shared her experience, “There is a ginormous cart on each hallway full of towels, sheets, bath mats, toilet paper, tissues, and paper towels. You just grab what you need. We stayed at Art of Animation in the Cars Suites.”

If you need more products in the soap/shampoo dispensers, this will require a call for someone to help you.

Garbage, anyone?

You can empty your own trash as there are trash receptacle rooms on each floor. Place your garbage in or by the garbage cans next to the ice machines.

Remember the new security policy

After the Las Vegas hotel shootings, Disney added a new security check. Even if you decline housekeeping, security will do a welfare check in your room at some point during the day.

Kristen, “We did it, and it was worth it. They do send someone to do a room check every day and it was annoying. They have to come into your room, so if you are dressed like a bum, it’s kinda tough luck.”

Whether you have the Mousekeeping service or not, with people in and it of your room each day, it’s still smart to put away valuables.

Should you decline housekeeping services to save money?

The answer to this question is definitely not one size fits all. If you stay at the parks from sun up until sun down, you may not miss not having Mousekeeping at all. Some people will absolutely not decline so they can return to a tidy room after an exhausting day. Many of you worked super hard to take this vacation, and saving $10 a night may not be worth the extra time and work to clean up your own room each day.

As a Vacation Club Member, we have cleaned our own room before, and it wasn’t that big a deal. However, our children were older and were expected to help pick up their own mess. Were I to do it all again, at this point in my adulthood – even being a cheapskate – I wouldn’t decline Mousekeeping and would enjoy a freshly made bed. 

Speaking of hotel rooms, here’s a great article on how items in hotel rooms can make you sick: What Can Make You Sick in a Disney World Hotel Room?

We asked our Facebook Fans what they would do. To decline or receive Mousekeeping services… that is the question.

Decline Disney World Mousekeeping: 

Jennifer, “We declined and got $90 in gift card. I can’t complain since we’re adults and just asked for new towels when we needed them, and we left the trash out beside the door so they knew to replace the bags. We used that $90 to help pay for a front row table at Hoop-de-doo Review.”

Michele, “We will decline and use the money on the horse carriage ride since we’re staying at Port Orleans Riverside. I don’t like the way hotels make the beds anyway.”

Carla, “I skipped it in December, since it was just me and my teenage son on the trip. It was worth it to us, since we weren’t in the room much anyway.”

Mary, “We’ve become so used to not having it staying in DVC, that we would just decline it.”

Donna, “We declined and used the savings toward our parking.

AL, “We declined the room service and used the money to pay for some of our tips at the restaurants. It was awesome! When we needed towels, we just got them from the maids that were cleaning rooms next to ours. My family keeps things relatively clean, so it was just fine. We would definitely do it again.”

Heather, “I declined it when we were kid-free, but we got $15 a night, not $10. They still brought clean towels. If I had kids with me on that trip, I would not have declined it, or if there were more than just two adults in the room.”

DO NOT Decline Disney World Mousekeeping: 

Lots of readers agreed with Julie when she said, “A clean room is definitely part of the charm of staying in a hotel. It’s worth it!

Maureen, “Well, I leave at least $10 a day for our Mousekeeping tip for family of four. I really enjoy coming into our room so perfect and clean. They always leave me plenty of extras and candy too. I don’t go on vacation but once a year, and I really like that extra special Disney service.”

Karen, “I want my bed made everyday, and it’s nice to have someone else do it when I’m on vacation. We don’t opt out.”

Christie, “I had planned to decline, but then my kids were in the room, and I remembered hotel life with food and things. I still pick up my room before leaving it, but it was really nice to have the bed made and the floors swept.”

Margaret, “I need a clean room, or else I would stay at a private condo or villa. We stay in the resorts on purpose, so I don’t have to make beds or clean.

Jackie, “We declined the last time we were there and I won’t do it again. I like coming back to a clean room.”

Brandy, “Part of vacation is not having to clean up after ourselves, so we wont decline, however it is a nice incentive/option. Maybe if this wasn’t our first trip to Disney or if we didn’t have three kids in tow, it may be different.”

Danelle, “I need a clean room! Our garbage cans are always over-flowing.”

Poll Results

I’d say the results of our unofficial poll were split 60/40 in favor of not declining Mousekeeping and returning to a fresh, clean room. 

This Service Your Way program has been in a trial phase since its inception, so rules and availability are subject to change without advanced notice. Not all resorts are participating with the program, and those resorts may change without advanced notice.

This article explains another problem you could encounter at any hotel: How to Avoid (YUK!) Bedbugs at Walt Disney World.


Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you cleaning up Cheerios off your resort room floor, or not…

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