Disney World Silhouettes: A Guide

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Updated for 2018!

Simple items that can skyrocket your Disney World vacation budget are souvenirs. T-shirts for $30, sweatshirts for nearly $60, and toys that can soar into the hundreds. A small trading pin will cost $10. How can you make the most use of your money without skyrocketing your overall budget? We’ve searched all over the “World” for the best bargains, and we’re going to suggest a Disney World silhouette…

Wait, a what?!

Disney World Silhouettes

Silhouette cutting could easily be described as an extremely rare art form in our modern times, unless you are visiting a craft fair or, get this, any time you visit several locations in Walt Disney World. And the prices are surprisingly low.

A little background research on Wikipedia described a silhouette as the image of a person, animal, object or scene represented as a solid shape of a single color, usually black, with the edges imitating the outline of the subject. The word silhouette was taken from the name of a French finance minister. In the year 1759, because of France’s credit crisis during the Seven Years’ War, Étienne de Silhouette imposed severe economic demands upon wealthy French people. His name became synonymous with anything done or made cheaply, and that’s exactly what these artistic portrait outlines are.

Disney’s silhouettes are certainly cheap to make, but they are also cheap to buy, based on typical Disney souvenir prices anyway.


As an inexpensive but worthy alternative to miniature portraits, given these were popular way before the invention of cameras, skilled artists could cut a high-quality silhouette portrait in a matter of minutes with no tools other than paper, scissors, and their eye. Until people started taking pictures, silhouette profiles cut from black card stock were the least expensive way to record someone’s appearance.

Disney World Silhouettes: Magic Kingdom Location

There is an alleyway between Crystal Arts and Uptown jewelers on Magic Kingdom’s Main Street where you’ll notice a cart (pictured above) with lots of silhouette samples. They do portraits here as well.



Wait your turn, park yourself in the chair, and let’s get this cheapskate cutting party started!



The product is both adorable and a memorable vacation souvenir.



And the best part about the Disney World silhouette as a souvenir is the price.

$8 buys you two silhouette copies, and for another $8, you can get one frame. $24 plus tax will get you in and out of the Magic Kingdom “door” with two silhouette copies and two frames, perhaps one for you and one for a gift. That’s about $12 per framed silhouette, and for a custom souvenir, that’s a really good use of your money.

These prices are for one person’s silhouette only.



Several of our readers told us about their

Melanie, “We just did this for the first time in October. I can’t believe I waited so long to do it! It turned out so nice, and it’s the best souvenir ever!

Larisa, “I have one from my first and only trip as a kid. My mom got one of my daughter for me on her first trip (a whole family trip) at 9 months old. I have kept the tradition and just got one of her done on our last trip last month. I currently have 4 (9 months, 5 years, 7 years, and 12 years)

Stephanie, “I love the silhouettes made of my boys for their first trips. They are probably one of my favorite souvenirs. Plus, watching the cast members create them is truly amazing. She cut their silhouettes free hand!”

Disney World Silhouettes: Disney Springs

There is also a similar silhouette and portrait kiosk at Disney Springs called Hallelujah Art. You’ll find it close to Goofy’s Candy Co., next door to the Earl of Sandwich and Disney’s Pin Traders. The prices here appear a bit more expensive that at Magic Kingdom.

Remember prices can change at any minute with no notice to me, but it shouldn’t go up all that much.

silhouette-at-disney-springs hallelujah-art-at-disney-springs



Making this purchase at Disney Springs would be a better use of your time even if it cost a little more. Playing around at Magic Kingdom takes money for tickets/annual passes, while hanging out at the Springs is free!

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you seated in the chair, turning to the side for your profile.


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