Disney World Tips for Kids: Free or Cheap Activities at Disney Springs

free or cheap activities at Disney Springs

Updated for 2018!

Disney Springs is a shopping, dining, and entertainment complex that is free – the word free probably caught your attention, eh? Now kids probably don’t care much for shopping, and they would probably rather be entertained by rollercoasters than dining in a sit down restaurant, but there are TONS of things to charm the kids into begging for a trip back, most of which you can do for free. 

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The Coca Cola Store at Disney Springs


Who knew there was a Coca Cola Store at Disney World? It’s probably not something most Disney vacations fans put much though into. If you have planned a free day on your next Disney vacation, a time when you don’t have park tickets, then visiting Disney Springs has got to be on your agenda. And a Must See at the Springs is the Coca-Cola Store located in the Town Center area.

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To Get FREE Disney Emojis, Play Disney Emoji Blitz!


Back in the summer of 2016, while cell phone game players were walking around like zombies collecting virtual Pokemons, I got busy winning Disney emojis I could send to my friends in texts. Granted, they are not a prize I can hold in my hand, but I can insert them into text after text, and there are hundreds to collect.

As soon as I saw the Disney emojis, I knew I had to have them, and two years later, I still play for new characters and emojis. And best of all, unless you just really feel the need to play extra games, the emojis are totally free!

Times Have Changed: Welcome to the New Era of Walt Disney World

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Disney Resort Hopping? Our Best Tip to Watch a Sunset

Disney’s Contemporary Resort opened on October 1, 1971, one of only two original properties located at the Disney World complex alongside Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort.  With an A-frame main building and located adjacent to Magic Kingdom park, it’s one of the most iconic buildings on WDW property. Visiting the Contemporary Resort is a must do.

You don’t have to pay for a room at the Contemporary Resort to look around, however, because you can resort hop. [Read more…]

Christmas Holidays at the Disney World Resorts…Where to Find the FREE Stuff!

Updated for 2018!

While the Christmas holidays are the busiest time to visit Disney World, this time of year, with music, entertainment and fantastic decorations, is also the most beautiful. You don’t need park tickets to enjoy resort hopping and free fun. So where should you go and what should you do for free? [Read more…]

A Rest Day from the Disney World Parks? Try These Fun Activities

Free Day ideas for Orlando and Disney World Resort

Updated for 2018!

We always to suggest a free day or a “rest day” to those planning a Disney World vacation. Not necessarily “free,” as in it costs nothing, but free as in you do not have regular park tickets for that day. And you may not always be resting exactly, but you won’t be walking miles and miles through Magic Kingdom or other parks. You and the family are not waking up early, walking for miles, and shutting down a park late into the night. 

Many parents new to all this Disney planning stuff don’t realize that Disney vacations are tiring, and it’s a good idea to plan a “free day” mid-vacation just to keep from stressing everyone out. (If you can afford it, we actually recommend two days if you are staying for six days or more.) For those parents not into tantrums and meltdowns, be aware that heat, exhaustion, overstimulation, and an altered schedule starts to wear out little bodies. If you are already in Orlando, you might as well make plans for a day to enjoy life beyond the theme parks, because there really is a lot to do besides roller coasters and in-park character meet and greet lines. [Read more…]

Over 190 Disney World Tips for Kids!

best tips for kids on a Disney World vacation

Best Disney Tips

If you are planning a Disney vacation that includes children, you will do a lot of just that – planning. We’re here to help. When we published our most popular article, entitled 120 Walt Disney World DO NOTs: Tips From Real People on How NOT to Screw Up a Disney Vacation!, we had no idea it would be read over one million times in less than two years. So introducing…Over 190 Disney World Tips for Kids. Think of this article as our FREE vacation gift to you, because we love free!

Warning: this article is long. But this list may seriously be the ONLY planning guide for Disney World vacations with kids that you may ever need. At least we hope it is!

So don’t feel like you have to read it all at one time, because we’ve organized, categorized, and numbered it for you.  Pinterest pin it, bookmark it, e-mail it to yourself, come back later, or just settle in with a cup of coffee for a nice long read. You’ll thank us later.

And if we forgot YOUR favorite tip, leave us a comment so we can add it in. We have some of the most traveled readers and best informed Facebook fans ever!

tips for a Disney World trip with kids

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FREE Disney Minnie and Mickey Mouse Holiday Paper Dolls

Planning a future Disney trip or simply looking for an afternoon Disney themed craft? Say hello to these FREE Mickey and Minnie paper dolls by Cory Jensen. [Read more…]

Free Fun in Celebration Florida: A Cheapskate Princess Guide

where is Celebration. Florida

Everything seems to be expensive on vacation, so it’s a nice change of pace to find an activity that is basically free. Celebration is a master-planned community located in Osceola County, Florida, which is about a 10 minute drive from the Walt Disney World Resort property. Just like Disney resort hopping, visiting Celebration is totally free, so now is the perfect time to make plans for a drive over. [Read more…]

Looking for Vintage Disney Items? Try Theme Park Connection

Theme Park Connection directions

**Update for June 2017**    Be sure to call the number listed before you make a drive over. Rumor has it they closed their physical location in favor of an Internet business.

**As of July 2017, their website no longer worked, plus their eBay Store and e-commerce store Internet links no longer worked. 

They were a pretty interesting store that seems to be no more. While you are here, you might as well look at the pictures. On the right side of this page, you’ll find links to some of our most popular articles. Thanks for stopping by…~A.

I don’t remember where I first ran across the store called Theme Park Connection, but I strongly suspect it was on Facebook. After scanning through store photos, I was giddy at the idea of looking back in time at old vintage merchandise that was for sale to the general public.  If you are not familiar with the name of this business, Theme Park Connection is an Orlando area store that sells specialty vintage Disney items. The company goal is “to inspire an emotional, memory or passion for store guests by providing unique Disney items and the best in customer service.” Since 1995, Theme Park Connections has sold over 500,000 Disney related items. [Read more…]

For Your Princesses…Free Disney Inspired Paper Dolls!

Paper Dolls by Cory Jensen

Anybody remember cutting out paper dolls in a long ago childhood that pre-dated iPhones and Play Station 4s? I grew up in the era where children were rarely seen and heard from even less often, so I spent some quality time with paper dolls and Fashion Plates. (Leave me a comment if you remember those!)

At Cheapskate Princess, we love anything FREE, and it’s pretty darn hard to come by free these days without there being some sort of string attached. After spotting Paper Dolls by Cory Jensen, a Facebook group featuring paper doll designs you could print off for free, I was so excited we got permission to supply these images to our readers. These would be perfect for a rainy day craft you could do with your girls or a project they could do at the kitchen table one day while you cook dinner. You can find Paper Dolls By Cory using this link. I’ll let Cory tell you about the dolls. 

12 Totally Cool Ideas to Replace Your Usual Disney Character Autograph Books

“Cute Ariel paper doll, anyone? I had alot of fun with this one! The two dresses on the right were both designed by yours truly, and the top dress on the left was a dress Ariel wore in the Disney Parks. Like the Elsa and Anna dolls in this style, I wanted to keep all the outfits in a similar color scheme, which is the color most associated with the character.”

Ariel doll

Free Ariel paper doll

“The Fairest of Them All, Snow White! I’ve always loved Snow White and I have made several paper dolls of her in the past. When I started making dolls in this style I knew that at some point I would have to make one of Snow White! I had fun designing a new dress for Snow.  This one took me a while to complete but I am happy with how it turned out!”

Disney Snow White Paper Doll

“I started using this style with my Mary Poppins doll a while ago, and I think its fun and cute! The idea of this doll is that all of these dresses incorporate Elsa’s magic in some way. Her ‘classic’ Snow Queen gown, two of my original designs, and the bottom right dress is a dress designed by the legendary Marc Davis for a never built Disneyland Snow Palace attraction.”

Elsa Disney Frozen paper doll

“My latest Elsa doll looked a little lonely, and several of you asked if I would make Anna as well, so here she is!  I feel like green is Anna’s color, so like the Elsa doll, I stuck with one basic color scheme. Two dresses are from the movie and two are my own creations using different motifs used in the movie.”

Disney Elsa paper doll set

“Here’s the latest addition to my Disney Villains Collection, Cruella De Vil! She has always been a favorite of mine even when I was very young, when most children are terrified of her! She is evil but she is pretty fabulous!  I had a lot ot fun designing outfits for her. The red dress is inspired by concept art by Marc Davic, while the last one is my own design.”

cruella de vil

“I’ve never done a coloring page doll, but I felt this time it was appropriate. Every girl is a princess! If you have daughters, granddaughters, nieces, sisters I would encourage you to remind them how special they are! Have them write their name on the doll and use their creativity to color her and the dresses to creat their own Princesses!”

Disney paper dolls for free

These dolls sure would make a great car-ride distraction for anyone traveling long distances to Orlando. And you can use this link to paper dolls inspired by Frozen.

Get These Disney Inspired Frozen Paper Dolls – Free!

Cory said to use the paper dolls, simply click on the photo, and press print on your computer. That’s way easier than dealing with an iPhone.

A couple of tips to make things easier for you.

  • Paste the doll on card stock so it will last longer.
  • Save this page somewhere on your computer. If you need to reprint any outfits, you’ll be able to locate them quickly.

Head over to Paper Dolls By Cory to see what new designs he is currently working on. Disney princesses are not the only dolls he draws, although we plan to share all the Disney creations. We would like to extend a HUGE thanks to Cory for allowing us to share his designs. It’s impossible to look at these amazing paper dolls and not think about what an amazing talent he has! 

12 Disney Craft Ideas from Pinterest for the Disney Princess on a Budget!

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you searching for scissors, keeping your printer humming!

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“Best of the Best” Walt Disney World Freebies

Best of the Best Disney World free stuff

Updated for 2018!

A trip to Disney World is magical and expensive, two words that seemingly don’t go together. Or perhaps they do, because sometimes magic is costly. But when you think about those memories you made or plan to make, then you just deal with the cost and try to find a… a deal. At Cheapskate Princess we love deals, even more if they’re free. [Read more…]