Can You Afford Those Adorable Disney Princess Costumes at Walt Disney World?

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Updated for 2018!

We asked some of our  Cheapskate Princess Facebook Fans what they thought about the princess dresses and accessories. Did they bring their own along on vacation or splurge on site for a treat suitable for royalty?

Bring Them!

Teryl“Bring them. The last one we bought on eBay dirt cheap from someone who splurged.

Ashley, “We bring dresses we get at the Disney Outlet Store & the kids each get to pick one (reasonably priced) toy.”

Kathleen, “Buy before hand & don’t give them until the first day. Or if you’re really good, sew something with a different twist! That way your kids are only ones to have it!”

Stephanie, “I just bought a Disney Store Belle dress on eBay for $15. It’s in great condition. My toddler is only two, so she doesn’t care…yet! When she’s a little older, I will definitely do BBB!”

Stephanie L., “Definitely buy before! They are even cheaper at the Disney Store in the mall than at the parks….but I search garage sales, etc for them. My Disney daughter has also gotten them as gifts from Disney Store. We also do our own version of BBB in our hotel room and my daughter loved it!

Michelle, “Buy before! We were blessed by a dear friend of mine with the Cinderella Deluxe wedding gown this year, they didn’t even have that dress at WDW. I found a Belle dress on clearance for only eight bucks!”


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Bought Them There! (mostly)

Lina, “Splurge! It’s the princess experience for my princess…”

Tara, “We bought before hand. She still loved it and then we splurged for the crown or another accessory that was inexpensive, and it made her day.”

Judy, “We are splurging since its her first time to Disney, but we bought a Jake and the Neverland Pirate costume before hand for my two-year-old son.

Kelley, “We will be going all out with the BBB experience. My older daughter did it a few years ago, when she was five. Now my youngest daughter is about to turn five, and it’s the perfect time to have it done!”

There is a package you can purchase at the BBB (Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique) that offers hair and make-up plus a dress/accessory package.

How much will that cost?

Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique: Can A Cheapskate Afford To Become A Disney Princess?

Is the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique Worth the Big Buck$? Just Ask a Cheap$kate Princess


So you better get ready to be visually harassed by all the princess dresses, accessories, and general girlie gear in the parks and resorts. My middle school-aged son said if he saw one more princess dress in a gift shop, he might throw up. That’s a bit over-dramatic, obviously, but they are literally everywhere.

And while this might not be a big deal for you, given the small size of this Disney kiddie couture, your little princess is probably going to want everything in sight. I would if I was under the age of 12, because every where you turn, if the outfit is not draped from a hanger or a mannequin, it will be worn by princesses on every sidewalk. Peer pressure is rough, especially when you are five.

Walk into the Grand Floridian for a quick look around, and you will soon know peer pressure is still tough when you are 45. Maybe worse.

Almost $70 for the dress or costume on property, nearly $30 for shoes, throw in wands, gloves, and we didn’t even mention wigs, jewelry, and on and glittering on. You, Cheapskate Princess, are in big trouble without a game plan…

Now might be a good time to show your daughters the photos of these wonderful outfits they can expect to find at Disney World, and talk about how much money they will have to spend on vacation. You can work yourself up to that conversation with a pep talk:

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In the years since we first write this article back in 2013, the Disneystore (now called Shop Disney) online has started offering a vast assortment of costumes and princess dresses available to be purchase and shipped right to your house.

These prices are lower than what you typically see in the parks and gift shops, although you get what you pay for in terms of Disney quality, so lower price can mean lower quality.

We always suggest you arrive in Orlando with your costumes with you. This way, both you and your children won’t be tempted with last minute purchases accompanying much higher prices.

Use this link to for costumes and prices.

To see more of our Cheapskating Guides, use this link.

Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate Princess


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