Disney Springs’ Boathouse Restaurant: Tips for Dining Under $20

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Boathouse Restaurant at Disney Sorings for less

Updated for 2018!

I don’t mind admitting I was intimidated by the Boathouse restaurant at Disney Springs. The Internet was abuzz with chatter about the prices almost before the doors opened, and the menu just shouted fru fru to my immature pallet. Foodie is the last word people use to describe me, but we gave it a whirl on a trip to Orlando, with the intentions of seeing what you can get for under $20 a person. You won’t get a steak or a lobster, both of which they offer, but there’s definitely meals aplenty for under $20.

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What then should you order that won’t bust up your budget?We’ll get to that after we discuss the restaurant itself and what we ordered.

Disney Springs Boathouse Restaurant

We walked past the bar on our way in; you see this particular bar from the gift shop.

Disney Springs Boathouse bar

The restaurant itself is just lovely, with a nautical-sailor theme that is both elegant and fun.

Disney Springs Boathouse

Disney Springs Boathouse restaurant

The view from our window was off the outdoor deck. No way am I eating outside in the Orlando summer, but that area has fall and early spring written all over it, with fantastic views of the lake and the boats.

Boathouse restautant deck

Boathouse at Disney Springs

Check out those cloth napkins, with real table cloths! Fancy! This was just so much fun for me that it soon became obvious; I don’t get out for Fine Dining often enough…

Boathouse Restaurant at Walt Disney World

To save money, we ordered water. We do this for several reasons, despite the fact that I really enjoy a cold Coke with my lunch. Water saves you money, and it keeps you hydrated in the summer. Water also saves you calories, which I promptly tacked on with dessert.

A crafted water bottle was placed on the table, and we just refilled our own glasses. The bottle provided a sense of nostalgia plus a unique way of re-filling our water at our own pace. I thought this was so cool, I bought a similar water bottle at the World of Disney Store (right around from the restaurant) for my own house.

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Boathouse restaurant at Disney Springs

My bottle is one of these, which retailed for $11.95 before tax. Mine says “Springs Bottling Co.” They are obviously not identical but close enough for me.

Disney Springs water Bottle

Bread and butter was delivered to the table. It wasn’t all that memorable, but it looked good.

Boathouse at Disney Springs bread and butter

My husband ordered the classic burger.

  • BOATHOUSE Custom Grind, Beefsteak Tomato, Onion, Lettuce, Pickle

Disney Boathouse burger for lunch

I ordered the Yacht Club club sandwich.

Disney Boathouse club sandwich

After we finished lunch, our waiter brought hot towels to our table with lemon. Now I don’t know about you, but let me reiterate, we’re not used to Fine Dining. I quickly googled “hot lemon towels” under the table-cloth.

When a server brings you a lemon and a hot towel at the end of your meal, you simply squirt the lemon onto the towel and then wipe off your hands. Lemon juice removes the crab smell and stickiness from your skin. Our hands were not sticky from any crab or seafood, but we wiped anyway.

Say it with me now…Fan. See!!

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Boathouse hot lemon towels

When we made our reservations, my original plan had been to just go and order only dessert, like a mid-day snack, because desserts seem to be some of the most affordable items on the menu. This is still a pretty good idea for the cheapskates, because check out these 2018 prices.


We did end up sharing the Key Lime Pie dessert, which was really nice, not too heavy or overwhelming. I probably ate more of this than my husband, but that’s ok, because he ate most of the bread before our meal.

Disney World Boathouse key lime dessert

So let’s take a look at the 2018 prices.

Raw Bar

Field Day Salads


Disney Springs fun

Walking around Disney Springs…

Fish Features

Sides to Share

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dining at Disney Springs

Walking around Disney Springs near Planet Hollywood


Sea & Shore

Dock Side Buckets

Walking around Disney Springs near the World of Disney store...

Walking around Disney Springs near the World of Disney store…

Steaks, Chops, and Provisions

For the Kids 

the lake at Disney Springs

Back to the Under $20 Theme…

Everything from the Raw Bar is under $20 (although I would imagine the quantity may be small) except the caviar.

Everything from the Launch Menu is under $20 (again, I would imagine the quantity is small.)

Everything from the Sides Menu is under $10.

Everything from the Salad Menu is under $20.

Five of the eight items under the Sandwich Menu are under $20.

Under the Sea And Shore Menu, one item is under $20, which is vegetables and pasta dish.

The Steak, Chops and Provisions Menu is going to hurt you, with nothing under $20. Lobster and steak costing over $20 isn’t really a big shock here.
Every single serving dessert is under $10, and so are the kid’s meals for those of you taking little ones to fancy-dine with you.
There are lots of menu items at Boathouse that will not have you putting on your budget life preservers, but there are also many items to take your Disney Dining experience to the next level. I’m talking to you here, lobster, steak and caviar.
Use this link to see their extensive wine list plus prices, in case any change after publication. We used dinner prices, although they are not very different from lunch prices.
Be sure to look around Disney Springs before or after your lunch reservation, because there is construction everywhere. And upon completion, this place is going to be absolutely incredible, and you may not be able to see everything in half a day anymore.

Reservations are recommended and can be made up to 180 days prior to your visit. You can book online or call (407) WDW-DINE or (407) 939-3463.

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you with a mason jar full of key lime pie, watching the boats sail by…

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Amanda, Disney’s Cheapskate Princess


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