What are the Best Shoes to Wear on a Disney World Vacation? We Asked Our Readers…

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best shoes to wear on a Disney vacationUpdated for 2018!

Cheapskate Princess.com Readers are an inquisitive bunch. One of the best questions we’ve had lately was “What is the best shoe to wear at Disney World?” It’s no secret that you will walk miles and miles each day of your vacation, so we put that question to our readers to see what they wear on their vacations. We’ve got our Top Five answers from popular to most popular shoes.

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5. Varied Answers

This group of shoes didn’t seem to receive enough votes to be in a category of its own, which shows that not every “type” shoe works for everyone.

Thomas, “My wife and kids swear by the Crocs. I’m not partial to them. I went with Vans slip-ons last time we went, I couldn’t have been more comfortable.”

Blanche, “The most comfy shoe ever…..Clarks Privo Vapor Mist Leather Adj. Fisherman Sport Sandals! I can walk forever in these!!”

Noreen, “The past few trips I’ve packed a few pair of my TOMS shoes. I have very flat feet and surprisingly, the TOMS are actually really comfortable to walk around the parks in all day. I have found out over the years to change up my shoes every day. I never wear the same pair of any shoe two days in a row. I make sure I stop my very first day at First Aid in whatever park I visit first and get a few bandages. They have ones that are perfect for blisters. If I think I’m getting the start of a blister I put one on immediately. It seems that no matter what shoe I wear, I will always get a blister the first day. Better to stop and visit first aid as soon as you get to a park than to have to walk all the way back at the start of a blister.

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Disney Tom shoes, Disney World Toms,

Michelle, “I love my Merrell’s sandals. My kids wore their Crocs last month on our visit and they had horrible blisters, no more Crocs at Disney for my two.”

Tracy, “We wear Chaco’s sandals. The footbed is ergonomically designed to make every footstep more efficient. They are very comfortable, waterproof and not to mention stylish. We have even seen CM’s wearing them as well!

Myria, “Hemp sandals from Nomadic State of Mind. They are like walking on air; so light and comfy. I have walked Disney Parks on both coasts in them. One of the best things about them is they can be thrown in the washing machine.

Chauna, “I bought Teva sandals with the Shoc Pad. Best investment ever! They were extremely comfortable, durable and water proof!!! I still wear them and its 3 years later.”

Tracy, “Sketchers Shape Ups- bought an extra pair before the lawsuits came in and were yanked from the shelves. LOVE them! And they really tone your legs too!”

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how many miles will you walk on vacation

4. Flip Flops

Pam, “I wear Yellow Box brand flip-flops. They have thick soft bottoms. I wear either those or my Disney Crocs every time I visit. I am NOT a sneakers person.”

Brandi, “Yellow box flip-flops for me! Our first trip my husband told me I needed to wear tennis shoes because we would be walking so much. My feet are not used to tennis shoes…I’m actually still wearing the same ones I wore that trip in 09. By the third day my feet were killing me…now it’s yellow box. It’s what my feet are used to!”

Tammy, “I got a terrible blister from my Crocs. I swear by Teva sandals. They have never failed me. I just can’t wear tennis shoes!”

Veronica, “I live in Florida and wear flip-flops year round even 10+ hours in the parks!”

Leigh Ann, “I wore my Nike shocks on our 1st full day in the park but it rained so much that my shoes were soaked through so I switched to my yellow box flip-flops for the rest of the trip. they were actually really comfortable and didn’t cause any blisters like I thought they would.”

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Yellow Box flip flops

3. Keens

Teryl, “Keens! they do well in heat, water, all surfaces. Teryl even gave us directions to the Keens website: use this link. 

Chelsea, “My keen sandals. I have three different kinds and they’re all super comfy!

Melissa, “Keen leather waterproof sandals. Extremely comfy and supportive. The waterproof neoprene keeps your feet dry after a summer soaker or a ride on Kali! Only downside is weird tan lines on your feet!

Chris, “Keen sandals were great for me!

Keen Shoes.at Disney Worldjpg

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2. Running Shoes

Christy, “A pair of well broken in tennis shoes! No blisters, feet stayed comfy and warm (it was Nov/Dec, so yep, warm feet were necessary) and was able to hit the parks in comfort for our 8 day vacation!”

Janet, “Sturdy running shoes with wicking socks. Always taking two pair and alternating each day.

Melissa, “Broken in sneakers, I prefer my running sneakers, WITH socks

Sarah, “Love love love my dual fushions from Nike.

Rachael, “I wear regular tennis shoes with good support with white socks – no blisters, fungus, or back pain. I usually end up with Reebok or New Balance because they’re the only ones that tend to come in all white without colors that would clash with my wardrobe. Make sure they’re broken in BEFORE going to Disney!

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best shoes to wear at Disney World

1. Crocks

Melanie, “Croc flip-flops, I’ve worn them on 2 trips with no blisters, soreness, or aching feet, compared to tennis shoes that make my feet feel tired.

Cynthia, “Original Crocs like above. not the knockoffs. We arrived on a Sunday Dec 2009. Went to the VMMCP that night. Walked all day Monday and evening, hotel hopped on Tues, played miniature golf. By dinner time at Cat’s I couldn’t walk anymore. My daughter had heard about Croc’s and said let’s go look. I said I had them before and didn’t like them. (What I had was knock-offs) We found a pair with the Mickey ears and it was like sliding my feet into slippers. Crocs literally saved our trip. We were there for a week. I have worn nothing else ever since.

Kathy, “I have worn nothing but CROCS in the parks for the last 10 years, many days walking 15+ miles. Have never had a blister or problems with my feet. I wear the original ones and also the flip-flop style but always CROCS.

Amy, “I wear Crocs because I have problems sith my feet swelling and they have a lot of give. The other bonus is that they dry quick when you ride on one of the water rides.

Melanie, “Disney Birkenstocks! :0). I also love Disney Crocs as well! ;0)

Sarah, “Crocs! I wore them our entire 9 day vacation and my feet were never sore! Plus, if it rains they are waterproof! Well sorta, your feet will get wet, but that’s ok. I also have lots of Disney jibbitz in mine and get lots of compliments on the kibbutz!”

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what shoes should you buy to Disney World

No one was more surprised by the outcome of the vote than me, but I must admit, all my Crocs have been the cheap knockoffs. Had this article been about just one person, that being me, I would have said running shoes with wicking socks. But it seems I have been outvoted! We always appreciate our Cheapskate Princess readers for their diverse experiences and knowledgable opinions. 

Now that you know what shoes to buy, are you ready to start planning your vacation?

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you searching the gift shops for those adult-sized Mickey Mouse Crocs…

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