Doing Disney World for Less: Souvenir Picture Frames

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Updated for 2018!

Souvenirs are expensive at Walt Disney World. It’s not like walking into Wal-mart of T.J. Maxx where items go on sale. There’s almost nothing on sale at WDW, and paying full retail price hurts.

I like to recommend that vacationers purchase souvenir items they can use every day at home, or at least something you can see every day, so you feel like you got the best use of your money.

Unlike the cost of theme park tickets, picture frames have not increased in price very much in the last 5-7 years. A $20 to $30 average has remained the price for most photo frames, although it’s not hard to find some that are more expensive.

This dark frame is $27.99, as is the lighter more colorful frame.

This resin frame is $21.99. Remember t-shirts are more expensive than this, and they wear out way faster.

This resin picture frame is $24.99.

Many frames come in nice cardboard boxes perfect for keeping them safe on your journey home, or they are great for wrapping as a gift.

This glass frame combined with a sleek metal stand is $24.99

Disney world picture frames

A nice leather texture frame is $29.99.

This wedding-themed frame is also $29.99.

Disney World wedding picture frame

These would make fantastic birthday or Mother’s/Father’s Day gift. When the kids split the cost among themselves, it is less expensive for everybody.

While $25 on average, picture frames are a good value for your money in terms of souvenir items. You get what you pay for in terms of quality, and they look really nice sitting on a shelf, reminding you as you walk by daily of your amazing vacation.

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