One of the Best Disney World Snacks Under $10? Try a Cupcake!

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best Disney World snacks under $10

Updated for 2018!

If you’ve been to Disney World before, there are several really yummy snacks that cost under $10 that would easily qualify for the “Best” snack you can buy on vacation.

I’m going to make my pitch for cupcakes as one of the best items, because they are colorfully appealing and large enough to share, which can help in cutting your snack costs.

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cheap Disney World snacks for kids

Disney cupcake

Minnie Mouse cupcake

Cupcakes are not a meal – they are a snack, so grab that plastic fork and start cutting in halves or even (gasp!!) fourths.

Your Disney Visa Card will thank you when you get back from vacation, and your tummy will thank you as you approach your next meal, or your next snack, whichever comes first.

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buy a cupcake at Disney World

Coronado Springs snacks at Disney World

lemon cupcake snack from Disney World

One of our readers, Morgan, shared her love of this sweet, “Disney cupcakes are a must eat for me every trip. My favorites have been the Smores cupcake at Wilderness Lodge and the Lemon Blueberry cupcake at Hollywood Studios.”

Because of the handy plastic containers, unlike with a lot of ice cream snacks that are fan favorites, this snack travels.

Take one with you out to the lake for a mini-snack picnic, or sit out on the Contemporary Resort upstairs seating area and watch the monorails zip in and out of the building. 

Another of our readers, Kristen, shared this picture of her cupcake all ready to travel.

take a Disney World cupkake home with you

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Now that the photos have started your mouth-watering and your wallet tingling, the financial damage won’t be all that painful.

You can purchase most cupcakes for under $6, and as I mentioned earlier, they are large enough to share.

I totally suggest you share this snack, because they are sooooooo sweet. I really can’t eat the entire cake without getting a tummy ache; no matter what my eyes tell me, my tummy always betrays me.

Disney World christmas cupcakes

Our Facebook fans shared their favorite cupcakes.

From Lia:

Disney World BB8 cupcake snack

Nikki added a Darth Vader cupcake to her BB8, plus I spy some chicken and a Darth waffle in the background:

Disney World Star Wars cupcakes

These two beauties are from Kristen:

yummy Disney World cupcake snack

Remember, the selections of merchandise and snacks at Walt Disney World change all the time. What you see one year may not be around the next, so they may not have these exact cupcakes this year. But what they do have is calling your name…

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you peaking into the glass snack case, plastic knife in hand with at least two plates…


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