The Disney World Resort with the Most Fabulous Christmas Decorations? The Award Goes To…

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Time is money at Walt Disney World. While I shout to the rafters that going to Disney during the Christmas holidays, when the kids are out of school, is pure insanity, the decorations are truly incredible. The twinkling lights and Christmas trees are spectacular, almost worth standing in lines for hours on end with thousands of people. Almost…

It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year! Photos of WDW during the Christmas Holidays

Disney’s Cheapskate Princess has passed out an award for the best decorated Disney World Resort. This award was chosen simply on my personal taste and no official vote was taken anywhere at all, in fact, I am the only one who voted.  for the most incredible Christmas decorations. And the holiday awards go to…

The Contemporary Resort

The Contemporary has the largest holiday wreath I have ever laid eyes on, which casts a great holiday hue over the entire lobby. The fact that it is Mickey Mouse-shaped makes it all the cooler.

Contemporary Resort at Christmas, Contemporary Resort Mickey Mouse wreath, Contemporary Resort Christmas decorations

And the closer you get the wreath, the more incredible the proportions seem.

Disney wreath, Disney Christmas wreath, Disney holiday decorations, Disney Christmas resort decorations

Another reason the Contemporary Resort deserves a decorating award is that the holiday decorations make this resort one of the best places to shop during the holidays. The giant Mickey wreath is keeping watch over the lobby and the gift shops, which are truly tastefully decorated as well.

Contemporary Resort Lobby at Christmas, window shop at Disney, Christmas decorations, Disney Moms, Disney Princess,

Are You Crazy Enough to Go to World Disney World at Christmas?

This is my favorite resort to window shop and look over all the holiday merchandise. The Bay View Gift shop is a must stop on your holiday journey, with a clear view of the Mickey wreath from most any angle.

Contemporary gift shop, Contemporary resort gift shop, best Christmas decorations, Bay Lake Tower gift shop

Now gingerbread is a big deal during the Christmas holidays, and while the Grand Floridian has the largest and most impressive gingerbread house, the Contemporary Resort has a gingerbread tree that you need to see. Donald Duck has made an appearance to pose for photos. I like this decoration because it is crafted after the art work of Mary Blair, a Disney Imagineer that created the amazing tile mural on the Contemporary Grand Canyon Concourse back when the resort opened in the 1970s.

Mary Blair christmas decoration, gingerbread tree, gingerbread, Contemporary Resort gingerbread display

This decoration is quite time-consuming to create. Just check out the specs of the gingerbread tree.

Contemporary Resort holiday gingerbread tree ingredients, what is in the Contemporary Resort gingerbread tree?, Disney holiday display, Contemporary resort

Take a look again. Can you see the Mary Blair influence?  See how much this adorable display looks like the iconic Small World ride? That’s Mary Blair.

The contemporary has a fantastic view of the nightly magic Kingdom fireworks, plus walkways around Bay Lake. Take a quick (and relaxing) boat ride, and you can be at the Wilderness Lodge in minutes.

Where is the Best Place to Watch Disney’s “Wishes” Fireworks?

Deservedly, the Christmas Decorations award from Disney’s Cheapskate Princess goes to the Contemporary Resort. Make sure that you don’t spend all your valuable holiday vacation time in line for theme park rides. Stop by the Contemporary Resort for some fantastic decorations and holiday images.

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