Fantastic Disney Inspired Furniture, But You Gotta See the Prices (Wow!)

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Updated for 2018!

Ok, the good news is that the Ethan Allen furniture company produced some of the most amazing Disney-themed home furnishings to hit the market in possibly…forever. It’s some truly great stuff if you eat, breath, and sleep Disney. The bad news?

You probably can’t afford very much of it. Let’s take a look at and do a little drooling over some of my favorite pieces.

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Bravo Chair  $1,309.00

Item #: D17052_D1230


This may honestly be my favorite piece in the whole entire collection. I’m not sure I would ever let anyone sit on it. I’d make the kids just sit on my old couch and look at it from a distance.


Mickey Everywhere Chair $719.00

Item #: D17040_D1900


Mickey Everywhere Chair, Special Edition $839.00

Item #: D17041_D2455D1656


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Mickey Ottoman $689.00

Item #: D17051_D1200D1256


The ottomans look so adorable with different prints and colors.



Having a Ball Chair $439.00

Item #: D17058_D2315


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Look how adorable these chairs look in a boys room. How clean it would stay and for how long, well, that’s probably another story…


Magical Mini Wing Chair $509.00

Item #: D17061_D3115


It All Started With A Mouse Table – $1,299.00

Item #: 108200 410

mickey-mouse-tablesYou could probably make your own version of this for less, but the quality may be less as well.

Character Chest- $1,599.00

Item #: 109235 711


I really like this chest, but for $1600, I think I would book a cruise.

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What would look really cute above the chest is some wall hangings.

The Ethan Allen artwork ranges in price from $139 to $1300

mickey-mouse-art mickey-mouse-ethan-allen-art make-yoyr-own-mickey-mouse-art

For you serious collectors, there is artwork for sale. These pieces have to be considered “art” at these prices.

make-your-own-disney-inspired-furniture expensive-disney-art

They also have some lower priced art work. I think if I got a Mickey Mouse coloring book, I might could cut out my own version for way cheaper.


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And the price of the last piece, which wasn’t Disney-inspired really but goes well with everything else, is what caused me to choke on my $1.49 Totinos pizza.

Meeting Place Sectional $10,472.00

Item #: D67000G6_6933D1031


Yea, over ten grand for a couch. Hmmmmmm…

Doing my mental math, I am up to about $35,000 on my wish list, and when I showed that list to my husband, that’s when he choked on his pizza too.

To view the entire Ethan Allen Disney line, use this link.  You should definitely look through their ideas, because they sure know how to put some rooms together. Who wouldn’t want to live here?!





Well, a cheapskate can certainly dream for free. And there’s fun in finding a way to do it yourself for cheaper. I think the Ethan Allen company has outdone themselves here in terms of style and quality. Now I need Target to produce something similar for cheapskates on a budget that doesn’t include money to purchase “art.”

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I’m headed to Wal-mart to see what home furnishings they have in classic Mickey red and black colors.

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