To Save Money, Visit Disney World During Value Season

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Trying to save money on a Disney vacation? A good place to start is with your hotel. Walt Disney World is considered to be busy year ’round now; there really won’t be a time you’ll experience very short wait times in the parks, like some of us old timers remember. Factors like holidays, school breaks, and weather temperatures can affect when people want to visit Orlando, and that basically results in higher resort room pricing.

So when should you travel? Well, it’s not called Value for nothing…

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Disney has three “seasons” of travel: Value, Regular and Peak. Value is theoretically less busy, Moderate is in the middle of the road for busy-ness, and Peak is when the whole world wants to take a Disney vacation.

Prices are higher for popular traveling seasons (Peak) and lower when fewer people visit (Value). Disney makes planning ahead easy by publishing seasonal price variations months in advance, 9 months ahead as you’ll see by the calendars.  All you have to do is pick dates during Value Season and travel during that time, which may involve missing school for those of you with school-aged children. If missing school doesn’t work for your family, Value Season may not fit into your plans either.

These calendar screen shots are for one day ticket pricing, which you see at the bottom of each month, but those ticket prices are set by what “season” you are in. So find that super light blue color (almost gray) for Value Season and get your calendar ready.


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As you can see, January of 2019 and months onward from that are not posted as of May 1, 2018. You can check their website (using this link) for faster updates than what we may remember to do.


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The problem with Value Season is there is just not a lot of it, and most of these days occur when school is in session.


What’s different from the lowest level resorts, Value, than the next step up, Moderate?

Value Resorts

  • rooms are about 260 square feet
  • two full beds, 1 sink
  • no table service restaurants
  • no slide at the pool
  • used by lots of families with children and school groups
  • each room has a refrigerator

Moderate Resorts

  • rooms are about 314 square feet
  • two queen beds, 2 sinks
  • table service restaurants are available
  • elaborate pools with water slides
  • each room has a refrigerator included along with a coffee maker

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The 2018 starting costs for Value Season are slightly less than half of a Moderate resort.

A good place to start saving money on your next Disney vacation is determining when you’ll travel. Value Season is obviously the least expensive.

For information on what to expect with the different resort levels, use this guide:

Differences in the Disney World Resort Levels

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