Ladies: Don’t Wear These Costumes to Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party

do not wear this to Disney WorldAdults are not allowed to wear costumes to Disney World theme parks, because this can be confusing to many children. I imagine a five-year-old standing in line to see Cinderella, yet standing next to an adult dressed like Cinderella. The only exception to this rule is Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party, because everyone is dressing up in costumes. Disney even encourages adults to dress up on their website, “Don your favorite costume and get ready to trick-or-treat at this Halloween-themed event held each fall in Magic Kingdom park!”

But ladies, this is not the time and place for the following racy costumes, which we found on Now that said, I have included prices for the outfits, because Halloween is a very popular holiday among adults. The National Retail Foundation reports that more than 157 million Americans will celebrate Halloween this year. Up to eight in ten millennials indicate they plan something fun with their friends, which usually means a Halloween-themed party. Total spending on Halloween items in 2015 will top $6.9 billion, with the average American celebrating planning to spend $74 on decorations, candy, costumes and more. So lots of adults will be attending Halloween parties, and some of you might like these Disney themed (or tie in) costumes for these parties. But they won’t be appropriate for a family party with loads of kids running around like Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween Party. Don’t do it. Don’t wear these there.

This costume’s a little too short for bending over to grab candy, although it does cover up more of the body than some of these other outfits.   Cozy Orange Fish Costume for $37.95 $48.95.

women's Disney Nemo costume for HalloweenNemo costume for Halloween Disney moms

Well, hello Tigger! The hat on this one almost distracted me from the short top and skirt. Almost. Tiger Costume Dress for $87.16 $108.95 (20% Off!).

Sexy Disney Tigger costume for adult Halloween partyTigger Halloween Costume for adults

Looks to me like the mice didn’t make a costume long enough here to cover this Princess’s boo-tay. Sassy Fantasy Babe Costume for $131.95.

Cinderella too sexy costume Disney adult party

Cinderella costume not suitable for work or Disney World party

No. No. No. You will fall out of this costume if you try to ride anything faster than the Peoplemover. Just no. Scandalous Alice Corset Costume for $84.95

Sexy Alice in Wonderland costume for Disney World party

Alice in Wonderland costume for Disney World Halloween party

Beauty and Beast fans, this is both too low and too short Foxy Fairytale Cutie Costume for $78.95.

Sexy Beauty and Beast Belle Disney Costume for party

Belle Beauty and the Beast Disney Halloween Costume

And this similar costume somehow manages to be even shorter. Enchanting Beauty Costume for $59.95.

Belle Beauty and the Beast costume for Disney themed party

Mickey and Minnie costumes are really popular in this website, which comes as no big surprise given the popularity of Disney characters. 

Oh my goodness, this is WAY too short in the bootay area and too low cut in the front. This could scare some of the characters you are posing with. Sexy Tux & Ears Costume for $58.95 

don't wear this to Magic Kingdom at Halloween

ladies Mickey costume not suitable for work

Cute for a college sorority party but way too skimpy for the parks.  Pinup Mouse Costume for $48.95.

Not suitable for work Minnie Mouse Halloween Disney costume

Minnie Mouse Halloween party costume ideas for a Disney party

Holy low cut top…  Mousey Mistress Costume for $64.95

not appropriate Minnie Mouse Halloween costume

Minnie Mouse costume

While lower in the back, this costume is pretty low cut…  Sexy Ms. Mouse Costume for $33.95.

sexy Minnie Mouse costume

Minnie Mouse Halloween costume ideas Disney World party

Party Mouse…that’s actually a pretty funny name for what appears to be not much more than underwear. Party Mouse Costume for $69.95

Minnie Mouse costume too sexy for Disney World Halloween

Minnie Mouse Disney costume for adult Halloween party

Ladies, this is a bathing suit disguised as a costume. And it probably wouldn’t look the same matched with black park-walking tennis shoes.  Pretty Mouse Costume for Top:  $59.95 Accy: $17.95 – $24.95

Mickey mouse bathing suit adult women's costume for Disney World party

Minnie Mouse sexy Halloween costume for Disney party

Ok, so I could actually see this costume getting through the gates. The top isn’t that low cut, comparatively, and the skirt is longer than some high school cheerleader uniforms I have seen at pep rallies. Pretty Pin-Up Mouse Costume for $69.95.

Minnie Mouse costume for Mickey's Not-so-Scary halloween Party at Disney World

Minnie Mouse adult party costume ideas Disney World

Well, too low cut and totally exposing too much if you bend over to pick up anything off the ground.  Dotty Dalmatian Costume for $54.95.

101 Dalmations Halloween sexy Disney costume

101 dalmations Disney costume for Halloween

Ladies,this would be more appropriate to wear to the resort pool, although the back is certainly questionable.  Perfectly Purple Mermaid Costume for Top:  $48.95 and Bottom: $27.95.

Ariel Halloween costume Disney not suitable for work

Ariel costume Disney World Halloween party

The skirt is certainly more appropriate than the above costume, but that low cut top…  Sweet Mermaid Costume for $47.95

Ariel Disney costume for women

Ariel Disney World party costume for Halloween

Too low cut, way too short. The wings here are even see-through!  Deluxe Sequin Green Fairy Costume for $111.95

Tinker Bell Disney Halloween costume not suitable for work

Tinker Bell Disney costume for adult Halloween party

This variation on Tinker Bell could cause small children in the Space Mountain line to ask questions about exposed body parts. Deluxe Green Fairy Corset Costume for $167.95

Tinker Bell sexy Disney costume

Tinker Bell not suitable for work Disney costume for adult Halloween party

If you thought that last gal barely had on any clothes, check this one out. I really would put this in the bathing suit category, although it probably does’t have the same effect soaking wet. Sexy Green Sequin Fairy Costume for $69.95

Tinker Belle sexy costume for adult halloween party

 Tinker Bell Disney costume for adult Halloween partyIndian Warrior Costume for $54.95. Too much midriff showing here ladies. 

Pocahontas women's Halloween costume Disney racy

Pocahontas Disney Wprld costume for adult womens party

I have to give these Snow White costumes a possible AOK pass. This costume really isn’t that low cut, but the shirt is pretty short, especially when viewed from the back. There are probably some Run Disney outfits that may be shorter than this. Sultry Snow Costume for $118.95.

Sexy Snow White Costume for Disney Halloween party

sexy Snow White costume for Disney World halloween party

And this may be the only costume with a Disney theme that wouldn’t embarrass your grandma if you showed up at her home to Trick er Treat. It looks neither low cut or too short, and the price is pretty low! Fever Fairytale Costume for $28.95.

sexy snow white Disney costume

Sexy Rocket Babe Costume for$67.95. My first thought was, “Don’t let Woody see this.” But actually, other than the too-short top, the skirt length is not all that bad. Ditch the leggings, and this might be kinda cute for a Run Disney event. You’ll probably need a more supportive top though!

Buzz Lightyear ladies Halloween racy costume

Buzz Lightyear womens Disney World party costume

Star Wars fans, we couldn’t leave you out of this inappropriate mess.

Exclusive Sci-Fi Commander Costume for $117.95. Too low, too low cut – this needs another cape in the front. 

Star Wars Darth Vader women's racy Halloween costume

Star Wars Darth Vader womens Halloween costume Disney World party

Deluxe Space Slave Costume for $119.95.

Princess Leah Disney Halloween Costume

Star wars costume for adult Disney themed party












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