20 Cheapskate Tips to Save Money on Food at Disney World

Save money on food at Disney World

Despite my best efforts for as long as I can remember trying, it’s been really hard to save money on food at Walt Disney World. We travel with a family of five, there of which were small children that have now grown into teens taller than me. Two of them regularly eat more than me, […]

Should You Purchase the Disney Dining Plan?

Disney Dining Plan Tips

Updated for 2015! Ask a group of seasoned Disney visitors about paying out-of-pocket for the Disney Dining Plan, and you are guaranteed to spark a pretty good debate. Many people love it, while others refuse to pay, only using the dining plan when they can get it during a free promotion. It’s hard to argue […]

Save Money on Food at Disney World? Make Dining Reservations for This Meal Rather Than That One…

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Want to save money on food at Disney World? Then you might choose to make your Advanced Dining Reservations for this meal rather than that one…

Disney World Food Tip #6: To Save Money, Order This Drink for Free!

get free water at Disney World restaurants

2017* Did you know you can order this drink for free at Disney parks and restaurants?

Disney Food Tip #3: Bring Ziplocks In Your Theme Park Bag

why take ziplocks to Disney World vacations

2017* If you ever took part of your dinner out of a restaurant to snack on later, it’s time to grab some Ziplocs.