Disney Food Tip #2: Adults Save Money Ordering This Meal!

Save Money on Food at Disney World

2017* Want to save a little money when you are vacationing at Disney World? These meals aren’t just for kids after all…

Look in Davenport, Florida for Great Disney Vacation Rental Homes

Cheapskate vacation in Orlando

Beach Princess 2015: Rental Homes in Davenport, Florida, are an option for large families and pets for a Disney vacation.

Disney Food Tip #3: Bring Ziplocks In Your Theme Park Bag

why take ziplocks to Disney World vacations

2017* If you ever took part of your dinner out of a restaurant to snack on later, it’s time to grab some Ziplocs.

First Trip to Disney World? Tips on Picking the Correct Shoes

should you wear flip flops to Disney World on vacation

2017* Planning a first trip to Disney? We can help you pick the correct shoes, so you can avoid feet disasters…