A Cheapskate Prince$$ Guide: Top 10 Freebies at Disney World

Disney World Freebies

A Disney World vacation can be so expensive! It is nice when you find some freebies at Disney World. We have put together our Cheapskate Princess list for the Top 10 Freebies that you do NOT want to miss.

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Is Toy Story Mania Worth the Wait?

toy story

One of the most popular rides in Disney’s Hollywood Studios is Toy Story Mania. The concept or story for this ride is that the guests are shrunk down to toy size and are playing in Andy’s room. This sets up guests to walk through fun and amazing life sized toys such as Andy’s crayon drawings, a Scrabble board, a Viewmaster disc, and a Candyland game box in the line queue. While the lines are long for this attraction, I do love checking out all the amazing toys and decor in this line queue. [Read more…]