Walt Disney World Must Eat? Chocolate Covered Caramel Apples


2017: One of the Best Disney snacks ever? Look for the chocolate covered caramel apples.

20 Cheapskate Tips for Accommodations and Tickets at Disney World

Save money at Walt Disney World

2017 A Disney vacation is expensive, so use these tips to save $$ on accommodations and tickets.

Disney World Vacation Planning: Non-Holiday Dates to Avoid

plan a better Disney World vacation

Heading off to Disney World these days requires a lot more planning than it took years ago. In the olden days, or perhaps the Golden Days, you could throw some bags in the car and drive to Orlando for a week or a simple weekend without doing very much in advance. In this new era […]

Understanding Disney World Bus Transportation: A Cheapskate Princess Guide

Disney World bus guide for beginners

Pardon me, driver, but can you tell me where is this bus headed?!

Best Disney World Meals Under $20: Whispering Canyon Cafe Breakfast

Whispering Canyon Disney World

2017: If you are looking for a fabulous breakfast under $20 a person, look no further than Whispering Canyon Cafe at Wilderness Lodge.

Christmas Holidays at the Disney World Resorts…Where to Find the FREE Stuff!

Free music at the Grand Floridian Resort

While the Christmas holidays are the busiest time to visit Disney World, this time of year, with music, entertainment and fantastic decorations, is also the most beautiful. You don’t need park tickets to enjoy resort hopping and free fun. So where should you go and what should you do for free? General Resorts Holiday Performances – […]

Understanding Disney Park Closure Phases: A Cheapskate Princess Guide

There are a LOT of people taking vacations to Disney parks, which these days can pretty much be year ’round. There seem to be no “down” times to go to Disney with short lines and low crowds like in years past. And during holidays, things can be just downright crazy! If you are one of […]

How a Walt Disney World Trip Alters Your After-Vacation Reality

Gay Days Disney World cupcake

Returning from a fun vacation may be one of the most unpleasant feelings in the world. If you are reading articles about Disney, you are probably either planning a trip or you’re fighting depression, having just returned from a trip. Walt Disney World is a magical place, and a journey to Disney parks and resorts […]

Disney World Tips for Kids: “Free Day” Fun Activities

Resort hoppng at Disney World

We always to suggest a “free” day to those planning a Disney World vacation. Not necessarily “free,” as in it costs nothing, but free as in you do not have regular park tickets for that day. You and the family are not waking up early, walking for miles, and shutting down a park late into […]