Jewelry Bargains Found in the Disney Parks Collection by Rebecca Hook


Let’s talk a little bit about souvenir shopping. The word “bargain” is really a relative term; what you call a bargain, I may call insanely expensive. While jewelry may not generally be regarded as cheap, I really believe it’s one of the best souvenirs you can bring home from a Disney vacation. You’re buying a quality item, often produced using high-class metals like sterling silver and gold, which can last for generations if you take proper care.

See, this $4,000 diamond necklace could be the un-doing of someone’s vacation budget…

expensive Disney World jewelry

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There’s a new jewelry designer on the Disney scene, with her creations selling in both park and resort gift shops as well as at, for those days when your post-vacation depression leads to a little online shopping. Priced under $150, with many pieces under $100, the cost of her jewelry didn’t cause my Visa card to scream in panic. I therefore call that a bargain, based on prices for other jewelry items (see pic. above) and Disney souvenir costs in general.

Her name is Rebecca Hook, and her designs are understated yet beautiful, with prices that even a cheapskate can afford.

The pictures alone will sell the product…
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Disney Springs Must See: the Coca Cola Store


If you have planned a free day on your next Disney vacation,  a time when you don;t have park tickets, then visiting Disney Springs has got to be on your agenda. And a brand new Must See at the Springs is the Coca-Cola Store located in the Town Center area. With so many other shops to see, why stop in? [Read more…]

MagicBand 2 at Walt Disney World… All You Need to Know!


Updated for 2017!

New MagicBands have arrived at Walt Disney World as part of their continuing effort to innovate and personalize their guest’s vacation experiences.  They called it “MagicBand 2.”

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Prisma: The FREE App You Need for Your Disney Vacation Photos


It doesn’t really matter if you are visiting Disney Word or Disneyland; you will take a lot of photos. And if you are like me, preferring to use your cell phone to take pictures rather than tote around a big camera, then your pics are stored on your phone and carried everywhere with you.

If you take more than one trip to the same Disney parks, some of your pictures will inevitably start to look the same. While cool, it’s the same castle. While amazing, it’s the same fireplace chimney in Wilderness Lodge. The same can become boring and sterile after a while, even in a place as astounding as the Disney parks on either coast.

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Fantastic Disney Inspired Furniture, But You Gotta See the Prices (Wow!)


Ok, the good news is that the Ethan Allen furniture company just announced the production of some of the most amazing Disney-themed home furnishings to hit the market in possibly…forever. It’s some truly great stuff if you eat, breath, and sleep Disney. The bad news? [Read more…]

Disney Fan In Need of a Present? Shop Helzberg’s Enchanted by Disney Jewelry Line


If you can find some room in your Disney vacation budget to bring home a nice souvenir, jewelry is often great choice. Prices can range from $10 to over $4,000, both in the on-property gift shops and online at the Disney Store. If you spend a lot of time in the parks, you will notice that the same jewelry will hang around for sale for years. Let’s take a look at something different from the usual gift shop merchandise, and you won’t even have to set foot in a park to make a purchase.

Helzberg Jewelry opened their first store in Kansas City in 1915. They are one of the oldest jewelry chains in America, and they have a brand new line of Disney inspired jewelry designs. We’ll take a look at some of their new designs priced from $49.99 to $1299.

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Don’t Throw Out Those Old Disney World Souvenirs Just Yet…

Disney Vacation Club

Several years ago, I played a game at a Disney Vacation Club meeting and won some cool DVC stuff, like a lunch bag, a bottle cover, and a license plate frame. That frame has graced my license plate for so long, the sun bleached out the letters. I contemplated throwing it away, but I have a hard time getting rid of sentimental items. Sound familiar?! After a quick peek on eBay, there are currently none of these frames for sale. And those DVC games are long gone.

The DVC license plate frames were never for sale to begin with, but it seems I can’t buy one if I wanted. Now this has turned into a cheapskate dilemma.

Making a Disney World Scrapbook? Get These Disney Google Maps for FREE!

So what did I do with it?

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The New LEGO Disney World Castle Costs How Much?!

I want the Disney Cinderella Castle

Updated for 2017!

For those who have been searching for years to find THE perfect Disney World vacation souvenir, one amazing item that hit the LEGO store in 2016 is an authentically detailed replica of Cinderella Castle at Walt Disney World Resort, and the tiny details are amazing.

Disney World Cheapskate Souvenir Picks: Fridge Magnets for Under $20

Let’s be real here; the price is just as amazing as the details. How much will the LEGO Cinderella Castle set you back?! You cheapskates might want to have a seat…

where to buy the Lego Disney World CastleBefore we talk money, let’s talk details.  This LEGO set is appropriate for ages 12 and over, although the box says ages 16+. The Disney Castle measures over 29” high, 17” wide and 12” deep and contains 4,080 LEGO pieces. Highlights include:

  • mosaic-tiled floor
  • suits of armor
  • wall-mounted shields
  • grandfather clock
  • magic carpet
  • ornate chandelier and golden lamp
  • ornate balconies
  • flag-adorned towers
  • soaring golden-spired main tower complete with fireworks function
  • chest with book of spells
  • mop and bucket
  • a spinning wheel
  • a chest containing brush, scissors and lock of black hair
  • a golden mirror, plus red apple and glass vase

Disney Cinderella Castle cost of the Lego Disney World castle

Cheapskate Guide to Disney World Halloween & Christmas Parties

Five mini-figures are included:

  • Mickey Mouse with a tuxedo
  • Minnie Mouse with red dress
  • Donald Duck with classic outfit
  • Daisy Duck with pink skirt, lavender colored shoes and a bow
  • Tinker Bell with wig, skirt, wings and a magic wand

Mickey Minnie Mouse Lego Disney Castle

Disney Castle for Lego fans

Both the main four-story building and the five-story, golden-spired main tower contain rooms with assorted Disney-inspired features and elements.

purchase the Lego Disney Castle

LEGO Disney Castle

build the Lego Disney World Castle

Disney fans, to aid with this purchase, it may be time to sell your Dooney & Bourke purse on eBay or sell your beloved Arribas Brothers princess crown to your neighbor.

The price is $349.99 before tax.

Or maybe it’s time to write Santa a letter and tell him you just have one simple item on your list. Better yet, just forward him this article.

20 Cheapskate Tips for Souvenirs and Activities at Disney World: How to Save Money!!

Shipping will not be an issue for you at this price.

LEGO Free Shipping

Another bonus about LEGO is their rewards program. You could earn $15 in VIP rewards by purchasing this set.


And there are several ways to become a LEGO VIP.

Instructions to become a LEGO VIP

You can use this link for more information.

So will you buy another handbag this year or clean off space in the dining room to display your mini home away from home?

Decisions, Deci$ion$…

Thanks for stopping by, and maybe we’ll see you opening up that big box, a big smile on your face?

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Disney World Cheapskate Souvenir Picks: Fridge Magnets for Under $20

best Disney World souvenirs

Updated for 2017!

You may run out of time on your Disney vacation, but you certainly will never run out of souvenir options. Gift shop after shop, your choices are endless. They are also expensive; sticker shock is a common sight among shoppers. What can you bring home that won’t bust your souvenir budget? This may not sound too original of a purchasing suggestion, but you haven’t seen the pictures yet…

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Top 5 Souvenir Shops at Walt Disney World

top 5 Souvenir Gift Shops at Disney World

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20 Cheapskate Tips for Souvenirs and Activities at Disney World: How to Save Money!!

cheapskate tips for souvenirs and activities at Disney World

Updated for 2017!

Disney vacation souvenirs…I really dream about them at night after we get back from vacations. If I bought everything I wanted when cruising isles in the Disney gift shops, I would spend more on t-shirts and jewelry than I spent on our resort room. One of my best pieces of advice is for people making vacation budgets is to add more to the amount set aside for souvenirs. Kids and adults alike will easily overspend, and it’s too easy to do because all their merchandise is so enticing. Souvenirs are expensive at Disney, so where will you get the money? And do you always have to pay retail?

We have some tips on saving money for your actual trip, plus ideas on how to save money on souvenirs and activities for your next Disney World vacation. So put your Visa card away, hide your checkbook, and let’s see how the cheapskates do Disney!

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Top 5 Souvenirs I Would Buy With A FREE Disney Gift Card (and How to Get One!)

By Julie

I love getting Disney Gift Cards! I feel like it’s a little splurge to use on souvenirs, because I tend to use them on things I don’t normally spend my money on. Whether shopping with them at Disney shops of Disney Springs, the Disney parks resort gift shop, in the parks or at the Disney Outlets in Orlando, here’s a list of the Top 5 Souvenirs I Would Buy With a FREE Disney Gift Card!

And I’ll tell you how to get a free gift card as well, because who doesn’t love free?!

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