Top 5 Reasons Why YOU Want to Take a Disney Cruise!

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By Erin Johnson

The feel of a comfortable chair, the sight of the ocean in front of you, the breeze off the water blowing your hair, or your comfortable floppy hat just so. Walking into a dining room, the smell of the dinner you are about to enjoy overwhelms you, and the final piece of the best of kind of vacation…the taste of the food.

A Disney Cruise is not just a casual trip for you and your family. It is not just a place where you can definitely relax.

It is a vacation where every part of you, even your senses, are on the most magical trip you are ever going to take.

There are so many reasons why your next Disney vacation should be on one of the many Disney Cruise Ships, but here are the top five from your Princess Travel Experts.

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Cheapskate Guide Top 5 Reasons to Take a Disney Cruise:

#5 Mom & Dad Get to Relax!

Disney vacations are perfect for making family memories. But Mom and Dad need a chance to relax too! On a Disney Cruise, you will have plenty of activities and events that you can experience together with the whole family. But, as a bonus, the children’s programs and kid, tween and teen clubs are unparalleled in quality. Safe and secure, the kids’ clubs are the perfect way for your kids to have some great energy-releasing activities, while Mom and Dad take in the sun or a dip in the pool. The ability for the whole family to relax AND also get quality family time on board is the first reason you should be looking into setting sail on one of the four Disney Cruise Ships.

#4 Best Food on the Planet

The best cruise food you can devour… One of the first things people tell me when I am booking their first Disney cruise is that they are worried about the food. They’ve cruised on other cruise lines and didn’t have a positive experience. Is the food on Disney cruise ship really THAT good? In a word? YES! You will eat like a royal family. The cuisine is a highlight for everyone in your group, even the pickiest of little eaters. Plus, you get the bonus of the friendly and kind wait staff that stays with you for your entire voyage. They get to know your children’s likes and dislikes and help make meal time extra special for the smallest family member to the parents and grandparents traveling together.

*Do you have food allergies, or sensitivities? Do not worry. You are very well accommodated on a Disney cruise ship, and your travel agent helps make sure the cruise line knows everything they need to about your needs before you ever set sail.

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#3. Excursions, Entertainment, Experiences, OH MY!

Disney-level quality is something we all know about. This quality is carried over into offering the best excursions for your family. You are getting Disney quality at locations and ports around the world. Wherever you are heading on your cruise, the crew of your Disney ship is getting you there safely and serving you while you debark and embark the ship to make sure you experience these once in a lifetime moments.

The entertainment offered on board a Disney cruise is Broadway quality. I am going to say that again, BROADWAY quality entertainment. Brought to you. On your cruise. The convenience and quality of experiencing this level of entertainment is worth its weight in cost right there.

Character experiences are a definite plus on a Disney Cruise. Your kids will LOVE these experiences almost as much as seeing characters in the parks, because Mickey Mouse is sailing WITH you. All of this is happening just steps from your Disney quality stateroom!

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#2. Quality and Cleanliness

So many people tell me they would like to try a Disney Cruise, but they are afraid of going on any cruise because of the possibility of getting sick or sharing germs in such a confined space. Disney is the industry gold standard for keeping their ships clean, maintained, and when it comes to traveling with children, this is the only cruise line I choose for my family to travel on.


#1 Castaway Cay

I don’t know about you, but every so often a private island of my own slips into my dreams. Now, I’m pretty sure I am never going to own a tropical island all for myself, but Disney’s Castaway Cay is the best close second possible. Castaway Cay is Disney’s own piece of paradise in the Bahamas. It has its own dock (so easy access on and off the boat) and many different areas for adventure or just relaxing on the beach. The clear blue water, snorkeling, miles and miles of private shoreline give you the best backdrop for a gorgeous, relaxing day. There is an adult only beach, as well as children areas, so there is something for everyone.

Exciting News!  Disney just released the Disney Cruise itineraries for 2017, and they include TWO days at this beautiful private island.

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