What’s the Best Disney World Christmas Snack Under $6?

best Disney World Christmas snack under $5

If you have been to Disney World before, there are several really yummy snacks that cost under $10 that would easily qualify for the “Best” snack you can buy on vacation. I’m going to make my pitch for cupcakes as the best item, because they are so colorfully appealing and large enough to share, which can help in cutting your snack costs. I ran across a great blog the other day called A Pinch of Pixie Dust! When Emma, the site owner, asked, “What dessert gets you into the holiday spirit more than an adorable holiday Disney cupcake?” Man, I knew I found a kindred spirit in this cupcake pitch.

Emma loves cupcakes, and the first place she suggests you visit is one of my ALL TIME favorite Disney places, the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa. I’ll let her tell you reasons why she loves the treats.

‘The decorations at the Grand are truly stunning, and in the life-size gingerbread house, you’ll find a cupcake at the counter of tasty treats to buy. Surprisingly it is NOT a gingerbread cupcake!  It’s actually red velvet, but it is quite delicious. I love the little Christmas tree and the red chocolate shavings.  The icing on top was so creamy and delish, and it has cream cheese filling on the inside, yummy!”

red velvet Christmas cupcake at the Grad Floridian Resort

what snack to eat at Disney World

Because of the handy plastic containers, unlike with a lot of ice cream snacks that are fan favorites, this snack travels. Grab a seat in the lobby and eat this baby while you listen to the band play some Christmas tunes. If it’s the pianist’s turn, you’ll be even closer to the entertainment.

Emma says if If it is a gingerbread cupcake you’re craving, however, you don’t have far to go.  Just hop across the Seven Seas Lagoon to Captain Cook’s at the Polynesian Resort…

“When I first saw this cupcake, I thought it might be chocolate, but a Cast Member said it was gingerbread – it must be a pretty intense flavor since it’s so dark! Note how the gingerbread man has a little bow tie – love it.”

bucket list of snacks at Walt Disney World

The monorail resorts all have pretty amazing holiday cupcakes.  Next up, the Contemporary Resort and the Contempo Café

“Here’s another Christmas cupcake that may look familiar…the Contempo Café offered this Cool Mint Cupcake last year in 2013 as well.  I love the snowflake on top and the sprinkles!”

Disney mint cupcake

The birthday cake cupcakes at the Contempo got a holiday makeover last year with Christmas toppers (instead of the usual Minnie and Mickey toppers) and red, white, and green sprinkles!

birthday cupcakes at Disney World

“And if you’re really in the mood for a new Disney cupcake, head to the gingerbread shop on the Grand Canyon Concourse.  There they have a Hidden Mickey Cupcake with festive trimmings…At $5.25 it seemed pretty expensive for the size (it was quite small), but that hidden mickey is pretty darn cute!”

It will be curious to see if these Mickey treats are still at the Contemporary this year, since they have changed their holiday display for 2015.

hidden Mickey Mouse cupcake

“And as long as you’re in the Crescent Lake area, you could swing by the Beach Club Marketplace to check out their holiday selection. Love the snowflakes and mini gingerbread men!”

snowy cupcake at Disney Beach Club

If you’re in the Magic Kingdom, be on the lookout for holiday cupcakes.

“They’ve got “Holiday Specialty Cupcakes” with Minnie and Mickey Santa Hats!  They’re $4.99 each and do count as a dining plan snack credit.  You can actually find these same treats at Big Top Treats in Storybook Circus and at some of the other candy counters around the parks.”

Disney World Santa Cupcake snack under $5

There are often variations on the same type cupcake…

eat this at Disney World

So now that Emma’s photos have your mouth-watering and your wallet tingling, the financial damage won’t be all that painful. You can purchase most cupcakes for under $6, some for under $5, and as I mentioned earlier, they are large enough to share. And I totally suggest you share this snack, because they are sooooooo sweet. I really can’t eat the entire cake without getting a tummy ache; no matter what my eyes tell me, my tummy always betrays me.

Cupcakes are not a meal – they are a snack, so grab that plastic fork and start cutting in halves or even (gasp!!) fourths. Your Disney Visa Card will thank you when you get back from vacation, and your tummy will thank you as you approach your next meal, or your next snack, whichever comes first.

And best of all besides the price, cupcakes are portable. Take one with you out to the lake for a mini-snack picnic, or sit out on the Contemporary Resort upstairs seating area and watch the monorails zip in and out of the building.

Remember, the selections of merchandise and snacks at Walt Disney World change all the time. What you see one year may not be around the next, so they may not have these exact cupcakes this year. But what they do have is calling your name…

And let’s give a big thanks to Emma from A Pinch of Pixie Dust! for her fabulous insight into one of my favorite Disney snacks of all time.


Emma StewartEmma Stewart is a writer, photographer, cupcake aficionado, and former Disney World cast member.

She loves palm trees, pastries, and the magic of tiny, half-hidden Disney details.

You’ll find her as the bookish princess on youtube and at the second blog to the right, A Pinch of Pixie Dust! This is a travel blog full of beautiful cupcakes, fun Walt Disney World reviews, a few Jane Austen references, and plenty of pixie dust!  You can visit her Facebook page using this link.

Check out Emma’s The Ultimate Disney Cupcake Guide for more Disney cupcake fun!

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you peering into the snack case, choosing the ultimate snack…


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