Disney PANDORA Charm Bracelets Don’t have to Cost a Fortune!

Cinderella Pumpkin Coach Disney Charm

Updated for 2016!

My PANDORA charm bracelet does indeed have several Disney-themed charms, and the only bad part about that was the cost. Many of the really stunning Disney-themed charms are almost $100. They are really cute too…

$90 – Mickey and Minnie Mouse ”Mickey & Minnie” Charm

Mickey and Minnie Mouse ''Mickey & Minnie'' Charm by PANDORA

$85 – Mickey Mouse ”Believe” Charm

Mickey Mouse Believe Charm

$100 – Cinderella Pumpkin Coach Charm

Cinderella Pumpkin Coach Disney Charm

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When you look at the bracelets in resort gift shops, as well as in your mall PANDORA store, the sample bracelets are usually just filled with charms. I look at these and start doing the mental math – $55 + $90+ $55+ $80 and on and on..

Disney Pandora charm bracelet ideas

Pandora bracelet Walt Disney World

Pandora Disney World

When you look at these bracelets with many, many charms, one thing that seems obvious to me, given my penchant to look for a cheaper alternative, is to realize that you do not have to purchase all Disney-themed charms to achieve that Disney look.

PANDORA currently offers almost 25 charms that are $25 each, a far distance below the $100 Disney charms and half of what the other lower-priced Disney charms cost on average, which is about $55.

These are some of the really cute $25 charms.

Pandora charms 1

Pandora charms 2

pandora charms 3

pandora charms 4

pandora charms 5

pandora charms 6

Did you notice these two heart charms on the bracelet above?

pandora charms

The plain heart charm costs $25, while the Disney heart charm costs $55. In reality, you could purchase two plain heart charms for the price of one Disney heart “dream” charm.  If you are buying a starter bracelet for a younger child and don’t want to risk a $700 bracelet turning up lost or stolen, then make sure some of the charms you purchase are of the less expensive variety.

If you are like me, prone to losing or dropping things, you might want to go slow on amassing too many of the $100 charms, in case, ya know…

You can always make the pricey Disney charms a special present or gift to justify the higher expense. 

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While I am a huge eBay shopper, I do caution people about purchasing PANDORA charms on eBay. I bought two charms once for $40 including shipping, while these charms normally retail for $50 each. The seller assured me they were authentic.

I took them for inspection to the nearest PANDORA retailer, where we all agreed they were very similar to the in-store charms yet slightly different. The salesgirl took close up photos and sent them to corporate, who confirmed they were fraudulent and asked for the eBay seller’s name.

So buyer beware…there are fakes out there.

If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. 

Disney Pandora for kids

Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you doing some Internet shopping, although gift shop shopping is definitely more exciting…

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