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Dreaming of a Disney vacation but you can’t make it in 2014?  Then 2015 will be your year, my friend, the year of Disney, the year you breathe in the cookie-scented air on Main Street, U.S.A., in Orlando or stand in front of the original princess castle in Disneyland.  2015 is where it’s at, but alas, those prices haven’t been released yet. How can a Cheapskate Princess start planning and scheming for next year if you don’t have 2015 prices?
We’ve teamed up with Erin from Destinations in Florida, because our money-saving tips and her travel incentives can make your Disney travel more affordable. 
Now is the time to join our 2015 Cheapskate Princess VIP List. VIP stands for Very Important Planner, and that’s what you are, planning a totally important trip.
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Why get on the 2015 Very Important Planner (VIP) List?

  • You will receive an e-mail detailing when the pricing is scheduled to be released.

  • You will get a price quote for a 2015 vacation the SAME DAY (or as close as humanly possible!) the prices are released.

  • If you book a package during the first week the 2015 prices are announced and were on the Cheapskate Princess VIP List, you will receive an “extra freebie” as a bonus.

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Why Book a Vacation for 2016 in 2015?


1. Budget Assistance

Booking a trip now can help with maintaining a vacation budget. One big perk Erin from Destinations in Florida offers is a Special Layaway Program.   For information on how to put your vacation on layaway, see below. 

2. Get what you want

Booking your trip will lock in your desired accommodations, so you can stay where you really want to stay.
Once your dates are confirmed, Erin can make your dining reservations 180 out from your departure date. Now you will be able to dine where you want, with no work on your part, and this service is completely free!

3. Freebies!!

One of the main reasons we chose to work with Erin from Destinations in Florida is because she gives our readers free stuff, and  you don’t pay any more than booking directly with Disney. Her services are completely 100% free to you. Who does’t love free?!
To find out of Erin has any FREEbies right now, give her a call at 214-697-7732 or send an e-mail to erin @ 
2015 Disney World VIP List

Need more reasons to book your travel through an Authorized Disney Vacation Planner?

Erin gives you a lot…for FREE!!


1. There is no cost for you to use Erin at Destinations in Florida.  No cost. Zero. Totally Free.

2. As soon as discounts are released,  Erin will update your reservations, so you get the best deal available.

3. Erin can make dining recommendations for you, and then she can make all of your dining reservations. No work for you, no phone calls to make, and this service is FREE.

4. You can contact Erin by phone, email, text, or live chat.

5. Erin will create a free trip itinerary for you. This can save you valuable time, and you know that saying about how time is money.

6. Erin often sends out “MousePerks,” which are free perks DIF Planners send to clients to build excitement. You may receive Mouseperks like coloring pages, crafts, puzzles, Hidden Mickey hunts and more.

7. Every package gets a discount off the rack-room price, courtesy of Destinations in Florida, exclusively for our Cheapskate Princess readers.  This is their gift to you!

8. Special Layaway Program Available: 

Pay a $200 deposit to hold your package, and then schedule automatic monthly payments toward your reservation using a major credit card until your final payment (45 days prior to arrival).  This makes a Disney World vacation much more affordable.

This special layaway program is for Disney World, Downtown Disney and Disney Good Neighbor packages.  You can e-mail Erin at erin @ for more details about our layaway program.

9. Again, there is no cost for you to use Erin at Destinations in Florida.  No cost. Zero. Totally Free. What cheapskate doesn’t love FREE!!

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Why use a Travel Agency like Destinations in Florida?


Destinations in Florida…

  • Are Licensed and Bonded by the State of Florida

  • Have a Perfect Better Business Bureau Record

  • Are a Florida based travel agency with offices in Orlando, FL and Ponte Vedra, FL.

  • Were selected as one of the 1st Earmark Agencies called Authorized Disney Vacation Planners

  • Have agents that worked at your favorite Disney Resorts, Universal Studios, or Sea World theme parks

  • Were 2009 & 2011 Disney Destinations Top Sales Performer and 2010 & 2011 & 2012 Universal Orlando Resort Travel Agency Partner of the Year.


Convinced yet that 2015 is your year to go to Disneyland or Walt Disney World?

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