Why this $10 Item May Be the Best Disney World Souvenir Ever!


It’s actually unimaginable, the amount of Disney World souvenirs available for purchase in Orlando. Every ride seems to deposit you into a gift shop. Speaking of shopping for items you didn’t know you needed, every resort has a gift shop, and some have multiple shops just tempting you to spend lots of money. Buying souvenirs can get very pricey very quickly. What is a cheapskate to do?

Go find the key chains.

We asked our  Cheapskate Princess Facebook Fans if they ever purchased key chains and what they did with them. I mean, how many things can you do with a key chain? It turns out, a bunch…

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vintage Mickey Mouse Club keychain

What can you do with key chains?

 1. Use them with your keys.

Amanda,I have my house keys, car keys, and my work keys all attached to Disney key chains. When I pick up a set, I think of the resort where I purchased it. That’s like a three-second mental vacation every time I touch my keys.”

2. Display them.

Dianna, ” My son collects them.  He connects them all and puts them on display in his room.”

3. Hang them on purses

Marilyn, “I have a couple of key chains. I put them on my purses, the little zip tabs. They look cute there in my opinion.”

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hang a keychain on a purse

4. Give them as presents.

Joan, “I keep them and give them away.”  Giving key chains as gifts is a money savings idea, especially the less expensive key chains aimed more for younger kids that retail for under $5.

5. Hang them from a Christmas tree

Charissa,  “I have one on my keys, a couple in my Disney display, and the last ones I bought go on the Christmas tree.”  Disney World Christmas ornaments are $15-$17 on the low side, and upwards of $25 on the high side. So hanging key chains on a Christmas tree makes great financial sense.

6. Hang them from a necklace

Christie, “I bought a key chain on my last trip, but it’s getting partly repurposed into a necklace. There will still be a key chain too!”

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Disney World best cheap souvenir

Why key chains are a bargain…

 1. You get what you pay for.

Disney key chains are good quality items and just as cute as can be. They come in all characters, all shapes, and all sizes. They look good anywhere, and they will take a beating and hang in there.

2.  The price is low, comparatively.

Key chains have been a long time favorite of mine, because I am cheap. You gotta love buying something cheap at Disney, but cheap doesn’t necessarily have to mean low quality. My work keys have been on the same key chain for the last three years, and I use them eight times a day. (I’m a teacher.) That key chain is still hanging in there.

Compared with $49.95 Mickey Mouse sweat shirts, key chains appear to be a real bargain. Chocolate-covered caramel Mickey apples cost about $9, and they certainly won’t be making the nine-hour trip home. For the relatively low-cost you pay, those key chains will last a good long time.

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Disney cruise keychains

3. The have a certain “touch-ability.”

Key chains are made of shiny, slick metals and plastics. Even the less expensive key chains, the kid-types priced under $5.00, will have children begging to hold them, with many styles that are mini-stuffed Disney characters.

4. You can sometimes find “vintage” key chains pretty cheap at yard sales and on eBay.

DVC and Disney Cruise Line key chains are available for purchase from eBay often as low as $4.50 each including shipping. Planing to take a Disney cruise in the future? Get your key chains now so you don’t pay full price later. I’ve also purchased Disney key chains from the 80s for $1 each at Orlando’s Theme Park Connection.

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What to do with Disney World keychains

With cute designs and priced under $10, you’ll be hard pressed to find a better souvenir for a better price.

If you use key chains for any other purposes, leave us a comment. Its’s never too late to learn a little something about a Disney vacation!


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Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you hanging that new key chain from your backpack.


  1. Melanie says:

    I love the idea of using these are Christmas ornaments! I also like the idea of using them as zipper pulls on a purse. I’m going to get one with some bling next time we go and spruce up my plain black purse. Thanks for the great ideas!

  2. Carilee says:

    I love attaching keychains to packages. Such a cute decoration to add an extra touch to a present.

  3. Liv says:

    The jewelry idea is one of my favorites! I bought a Minion key chain from universal that had 5 little minions on it and I turned them into earrings, a necklace & used 2 as bracelet charms! They are also great to attach to your Disney/Theme Park Lanyard! I love changing my lanyard ornament for each day at the parks!

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