Walt Disney World’s FastPass+: How Well Did It Work in February?



After Disney World removed their traditional FASTPASS machines from all four theme parks back in January, they enacted a brand new pass system called FastPass+.  Right now, Disney guests are in what is called a “Testing Phase,” which means none of the current rules are set in stone forever. You say you haven’t been able to try it yet? Many of us have not had the opportunity to try it out, but wow, are we all curious as to how the testing is going!

We asked our   Cheapskate Princess Facebook Fans  that tried the new system in February to give us their opinion of the experience. We only wanted thoughts about February, because back in December and several months prior, people raved about how great the new system was, having three pre-scheduled FastPass+es plus all the other FASTPASSES you could get at multiple parks per day. The rules have changed now, and that fantastic FASTPASS overload is definitely long gone. Let’s see what our fans thought, because their likes and dislikes could easily affect your next Disney vacation.

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Mission to Mars Fastpass

Loved It!

Dana,  “We had three great experiences scheduling and using our Fastpass+.”

Karla, “I used it last month and loved it. I was able to FastPass+ my rides weeks in advance on My Disney Experience. It was easy to use. You just swipe your Magic Band, and we were in. There was a little longer wait than usual for the FastPass+ line, but not too bad compared to the regular wait.”

Allen, “We did six great days across the parks. It seems to me that while they have really tried to think this process out, they are making the Park Popper option unnecessary. Since you can only FastPass+ at one park, why pay to do more than one park in a day?  I will say that the iPhone app. was great. I was able to change our FastPass+ in the park without standing in line.”

Heidi, “We used FastPass+ mid February and loved it! Our third day was at Epcot, and our choices for FastPass+ had no wait in the standby lines. So we canceled our FastPass+es at Epcot and headed back over to Magic Kingdom in the evening where we were able to schedule three passes in Magic Kingdom! We did have the Park Hopper option, and it worked out great!”

Here’s a reason to love the new FastPass+ system you may not have considered…dining reservations made way less than 180 days out.

Samantha, “I stayed one night during the Princess Half Marathon weekend, so we weren’t really there for the park. But it was my birthday so we wanted to do a nice meal. I was able to make a lunch reservation for Be Our Guest(reservation made on 2/11 for lunch on 2/22)….IT WAS SO AMAZING! It was definitely worth it, as the regular line at lunch was 60+ minutes. We walked up, gave our name, and were at a kiosk ordering our food within 10 minutes. This is a great option only for FP+ users!”

And here is a bit of good advice regarding the number of FastPass+es you schedule at a time.

Kristin,  “We loved it for our visit to the Magic Kingdom in February. We weren’t sure we were going to have any park time, so we made our choices on the app. in the park. Just remember you have to choose all three at one time, we didn’t and had to have guest relations Cast Member at a kiosk fix it for us.”

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Hollywood Tower of Terror Fastpass

No Love Here…

Stephanie, “We used it, and we aren’t thrilled with it. We love park hopping, so it isn’t friendly for people like us. Also we didn’t like they make your chose your options. The lines for FastPass+ were the worst we ever saw them. I’m not a fan of it at all!”

Heather, “I didn’t like that the app. wouldn’t connect so that I could change my Fastpass options while I was in the park.”

Jennifer, “We used it last week with a family of 13. We are seasoned FASTPASS users, so it was a tough transition. The three passes per day stinks. The tiered system is horrible. If my little one wants to go on Peter Pan three times, I’d like to be able to use the three for that. It often spilt up our family, because the teenagers and little kids don’t want the same thing. They would have to pick one or the other of the most popular rides,and typically the older kids would enjoy the rides with the little ones. So we had to split up, when the point of a family vacation is to be together. Although I really dislike the system, I do think it spreads the crowds to less popular rides. Overall, I think you really have to know the parks and plan it. I think first timers will leave frustrated and not like Disney. Plus, it eliminates the need to purchase Park Hoppers. Why bother if you can’t get fast passes at another park?”

Carrie, “We used it February 15-21. I thought the FastPass+ lines were much longer than the old way of doing it, but I was happy not to have to do the FASTPASS runs! I didn’t find the app. easy to use to change any selections I had. Also, we were Park Hoppers and found this frustrating.”

Terri, “We visited Magic Kingdom &and Epcot in February. We did not use FastPass+, as the lines were longer to get those ‘fast passes’ then the line at the actual rides. I’m not a fan of this change, at all!”

Kim, “We didnt’ like it so much. The FastPass+ lines were longer than the Standby lines.  We are from out of the country, and using the cell phone app. was not available, or really it was unaffordable) The system definitely needs improvement.”

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Space Mountain Fastpass

Half and Half

Christie, “We loved it, for the most part. We hated that Epcot could only offer one good FastPass+ that you would wanted, ( i.e. either Soarin’ OR Test Track), but we loved the fact we could change the time on my phone app.

Nicole, “I loved having options for planning so far in advance. I hated being stuck with three options in one park. I loved having access to change things on my phone.”

Missy, “We just returned … FastPass+ was … different. We also didn’t like the limitations of one park per day, three passes per day, and only one of the ‘select’ attractions per day. We did see some positives, however. FastPass+ lines were short, and the Standby lines were also much shorter than I’ve seen in years past. 60 minutes for Toy Story Mania is a picnic compared to wait times I’ve seen in the past. Another huge perk? On the day we arrived, we also got an email inviting us to ‘test’ using FastPass+ for Be Our Guest! Without reservations or standing in a HUGE line, we got in for quick service lunch in minutes. The gray stuff was indeed delicious!”

Hillary, “FastPass+ is fantastic! I love that you can reserve days to months in advance. The negative would be that it’s limited to only three per day and at only one park. If we arrive at 9 a.m. and leave 12 hours later, that really is inconvenient. Same for Park Hopping. FastPass for fireworks and the test for FastPass+ at Be Our Guest were perks also!”

Hurts Park Hoppers & Passholders

Barbara, “It’s not friendly for Park Hoppers! If I would have known, we would not have purchased the add-on. Other than that it was Ok.”

Vickie, “We were there February 1-8. We loved using the FastPass+. The only negative is not being able to select FastPass+ in other parks on the same day. We love to park hop. Next time I go I will schedule all FastPass+ at night. We found that in the early morning, we were able to go thru the rides without much wait.”

Kerry, “It’s really hurting annual passholders. By the time we get to the parks (11-1:00ish), all the good stuff is gone. And you become a slave to the schedule, constantly looking at your phone and stressing. A friend is coming next week from out-of-state, and there is no way to align our days with what she already chosen. We’ll have to see if customer service can accommodate us.  And at the Magic Kingdom, parade and fireworks viewing spots are options. How do you convince your kids to pick that?”

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Buzz Lightyear Disney Fastpass

Here is a bit of additional information if you are not all that familiar with FastPass+. Visit touring plans.com using this link for a more detailed version of these rules, which I could probably never explain in the precise detail in which they did.

Under the new system, here is what you get with FastPass+:

  • FastPass+ is a system used to make specific reservations times to ride attractions at one Disney theme park per day.
  • FastPass+ is free to guests staying both on and off Disney property.
  • You are allowed between two and four FastPass+ uses per day, depending on the park and crowd conditions, according to touringplans.com, with most guests reporting three FastPass+uses being allowed now per day.
  • Under FastPass+, you can obtain only one FastPass+ per attraction per day, so your three passes cannot all be for the same ride.
  • You can change your scheduled passes to other times if they are available.
  • FastPass+ reservations can be made up to 60 days in advance through the My Disney Experience app. and the DisneyWorld website provided you are a guest staying at a Disney Resort Hotel. 
  • FastPass+ times are good for one hour, and these times cannot overlap.
  • At Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the combination of FastPass+ reservations you can have is called “FastPass+ Tiers,” which keeps park guests from using FastPass+ on all the most popular attractions. The computer system allows you to choose 1 attraction from Group A and 2 attractions from Group B.


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If you used FastPass+ in February, leave us a comment here  and tell us about your experience. Please provide comments only for January please.

Did it make your vacation better? Worse? Not sure yet? We would love to know what you thought.

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  1. alex m says:

    I’m very much not a fan of FP+. I’m an annual passholder, and this completely inhibits park hopping and repeat rides, which is pretty typical of seasoned guests. Finding convenient times was a little difficult. Also, the while family had to pick FP+ for the same rides. I also have found that standby lines on the shorter rides have become much longer, and even FP lines are longer than they used to be. The convenience of the app is nice, but even after several updates (and phones)it cam be glitchy.

  2. Elisabeth says:

    We are pass holders and loved the magic bands and fast pass system! We’ve used the fast passes more now than ever! We park hop a ton too, and would highly recommend it to everyone. Here’s the thing, you need to research a little before you go, it is a change, but think it’s a good one!

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