Can You Afford a Disney World 1- Day Ticket?

Disney World one day ticket price

Have you ever wanted to pop over to Walt Disney World for just one day? A quick trip, no hotel, no fuss, no muss, in and out in record time? Perhaps you are planning a business trip, but you can arrange for a single play day? Without Annual Season Passes or tickets purchased with no expiration date, you’ll have to buy a one-day ticket.

Have you checked one-day ticket prices lately just to satisfy your curiosity?

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Here are 2014 Disney Company prices for 1-day child and adult tickets, and these prices are before taxes are applied.

$90 (ages 10+) and $84(ages 3-9)

This is for a 1-Day ticket for one admission to your choice of Disney’s Animal Kingdom, Epcot, or Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

$95 (ages 10+) and $89(ages 3-9)

This is for a 1-Day Magic Your Way Magic Kingdom Park Ticket.

$129(ages 10+) and $123(ages 3-9)

This is for a 1-Day Magic Your Way Park Hopper Ticket.

$149(ages 10+) and $143(ages 3-9)

This is for a 1-Day Magic Your Way Water Park Fun and More Ticket.

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Price for a 1 day Disney World ticket

The Fine Print

All tickets and options must be used within 14 days of first use.

All tickets are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

Tickets exclude activities and events separately priced.

Prices are subject to change without notice.

Age restrictions may apply for access to certain facilities.

Can you purchase a 1-day ticket at a discount?

Time share promotions often give away park tickets, but this is sometimes questionable.  Buying tickets on eBay or Craigslist is certainly questionable, as you never really know what you will receive. Ticket prices that seem too good to be true… probably are.

Reputable ticket sellers authorized by the Disney Company like Undercover Tourist apparently do not offer a 1-day ticket for sale.

We did not find a lot in the way of 1-day ticket discounts.

I want to go to Disney World

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The old Disney FASTPASS machines have now been removed, replaced with the new FastPass+ system, where you are only allowed three FastPasses per day and for only one park. published an article last week about a way for families to get more than three FastPasses+ per day would be to buy additional park tickets.

For my family of five adult-aged people who have been to Disney World before, purchasing over $500 worth of tickets for just one DAY would never be an option. If we had never ever been to Disney before and had one single day to see the sights, I might have to think about it. Multi-day tickets seem to be a much better idea, even if you have to pay more for accommodations and food during a longer stay.

Could you do it? Could you spend hundreds of dollars for additional tickets to have more access to FastPass rides? Would you buy a one-day ticket for a short trip?

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Castle 2


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Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you pricing multi-day tickets.


  1. Tami says:

    We did one day park hopper tickets for 6 of us last July. We were going to the Coke Zero 400 race in Daytona and rented a house just outside of Disney because it was cheaper than staying in Daytona. 5 of us have been many times to Disney but the 6th one had never been. We did a whirl wind tour of all 4 parks. It was very hot and pretty rushed, but we had a lot of fun too!

  2. Kacie says:

    Rather than spend hundreds on extra tickets (!?) I think it makes more sense to figure out how to stay more than a day, since $500 in tickets is several nights at a basic hotel, for instance.

    Show up at rope drop to a recommended park (not one projected to have heavy crowds!), move quickly in the morning and have a great plan.

    I can’t wait to go in a few months! And for a week — not a day 😀

  3. Tara says:

    My family is going for just one day in April. But we will be in Orlando for 4 nights. I agree that overall it makes more sense to buy a multi-day ticket but if you can’t budget for it you can try to plan a fun trip around it and make the most of it. Thanks so much for all your tips. It helped me plan our very cheapskate trip. 🙂

  4. mikec says:

    I was wondering if anyone had any experience with the ticket booths on 192. I know alot of them do timeshare type deals where they give you free or heavily discounted tickets for taking a tour of a time share facility. For my family, It really doesn’t work out too well because we value our time on vacation more then discounted or free park tickets. The timeshare tours can last up to 4 hours and they also heavily pressure you to buy a timeshare on that exact day that you visit. Man there must be a sucker born every minute, because while we attended a time share tour, we saw many people purchasing these moneysuckers. I wouldn’t want to be around when the guy get the bill for the taxes and “assessment” fees which can be as much as 500-1000 dollars a year. If you want to do disney on the cheap, find a motel right outside disney property on 192. We stay there every vacation and average we 25 a night. These hotels are very close to disney (timed it last time. 5 min to epcot, 10 to animal, magic, and DHS) and they allow you to see other things the area has to offer. Also we save big money by not having to pay 13 dollars for a burger fry and drink inside the parks. There are so many things to do outside of property (hundreds of restaurants, shopping plazas. outlets, mini golf, boat/plane/helicopter tours ect) After we learned about staying off property, we haven’t looked back!

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