Disney World’s New FastPass+: How Well Did It Work In January?

FastPass+ review

Disney World has removed the traditional FASTPASS machines from all four of their theme parks and enacted a brand new system called FastPass+. This new system is still in a “Testing Phase,” which means none of the current rules are set in stone forever. Haven’t tried it yet? Many of us have not had the opportunity to try it out, but wow, are we all curious as to how the testing is going!

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Under the new system, here is what you get with FastPass+:

  • FastPass+ is a system used to make specific reservations times to ride attractions at one Disney theme park per day.
  • FastPass+ is free to guests staying both on and off Disney property.
  • You are allowed between two and four FastPass+ uses per day, depending on the park and crowd conditions, according to touringplans.com, with most guests reporting three FastPass+uses being allowed now per day.
  • Under FastPass+, you can obtain only one FastPass+ per attraction per day, so your three passes cannot all be for the same ride.
  • You can change your scheduled passes to other times if they are available.
  • FastPass+ reservations can be made up to 60 days in advance through the My Disney Experience app. and the DisneyWorld website provided you are a guest staying at a Disney Resort Hotel. 
  • FastPass+ times are good for one hour, and these times cannot overlap.
  • At Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the combination of FastPass+ reservations you can have is called “FastPass+ Tiers,” which keeps park guests from using FastPass+ on all the most popular attractions. The computer system allows you to choose 1 attraction from Group A and 2 attractions from Group B.

Visit touring plans.com using this link for a more detailed version of these rules, which I could certainly never explain in the precise detail they did.

We asked our  Cheapskate Princess Facebook Fans  that tried the new system in January to give us their opinion. We only wanted thoughts about January, because in December and several months prior, people raved about how great the new system was, having three pre-scheduled FastPass+es plus all the other FASTPASSES you could get at multiple parks per day. The rules have changed now. Let’s see what our fans thought, because their likes and dislikes could easily affect your next Disney vacation.

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Peter Pan's Flight at Disney

Liked It!

Aileen, “We did! It really worked out for us. On one of our Epcot days, I woke up sick and there was no way we could do rope-drop. We finally got to the park around 11, but we didn’t need to worry about stand-by lines for headliners or about already-distributed Fast Passes. Our afternoon rides were already scheduled and waiting for us!”

Heather, “It was just my husband and I, so it made things better. We didn’t have to run around the parks collecting paper FASTPASSes, and we still did everything we wanted. The next time we go to WDW with our three boys, they will most likely complain about the limited number of FastPass+es and long standby lines.”

Jessica, “We used it for a couple of weekend getaways in January. No problems at all, but we spent a big chunk of time with the Wilderness Explorers stuff at Animal Kingdom. Our Hollywood Studios and Magic Kingdom mornings with FastPass+ went great, but these were only half days. By mid/late afternoon, we didn’t know what to do and left. We did accomplish all we wanted by that time. I did notice the kiosk lines were full whenever we saw one, and the Cast Members at FastPass+ entrances were super pushy about getting people into the line. (Especially at Buzz!) I think three FastPass+ choices could work, but the tiering is awful.”

Stephanie, “We loved it! We used ours for shows and Wishes. We have a family with three little ones. It was great not having to save a seat before the shows.”

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Teresa, “We used it on our week at WDW, and we loved the concept!!! It saved so much time and kept us motivated!”

Holly,  “We liked it! It saved us the $180 for Park Hopper passes, because there is no reason to hop if I can’t get fastpasses in the second park. The big surprise came when we realized we could technically get six FastPass+ a day after we figured out that hubby could ride with our four-year-old on a FP+ while I hung out with our baby, and the rider switch pass made my FP+ unnecessary. We then moved our FastPass+ around to three rides each, and we used the switch passes to our advantage.

This meant in a week-long trip we missed out on only one ride: Expedition Everest, since our child isn’t tall enough, and the single rider line was closed because a very large Brazilian tour group all decided to ride single (why???).”

Skyler, “We didn’t have any problems using ours. 3 choices were fine for us we selected the options based on locations and it made our day easier and planned. We actually were given an extra fast pass because we missed a scheduled one. It also worked out that we could change options at the rides if there wasn’t a wait.

Bill, “The lack of multi park FastPass+ reservations was disapointing. However, in Magic Kingdom the best ones we used were Peter Pan, Little Mermaid, Space Mountain, and Princess Hall. The ability to set specific time windows really helped getting to Advanced Dining Reservations without wasting time. Tower of Terror, Soarin’, and The Nemo Show were other FastPass+es that worked out really well for us on our trip.”

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No Love Here…

Jody, “We did not like the tiers and not being able to choose attractions in two parks. If you pay for a Park Hopper pass, you should be able to choose more than one park as long as you don’t exceed the total limit of three.”

Vicky“I don’t like the fact you can only choose three. The really sad part is now the FastPass line is a longer wait than the Stand By line. So it’s almost not worth it! Plus the list you are able to choose from doesn’t have all the attractions, and some options we found silly – like the parade viewing option, really!”

Chelsea“I hated FastPass+. I had a lot of problems scheduling using the My Disney Experience app.  Also, I did not like that you could not park hop, and were limited to what rides/attractions you could choose from.”

Kathryn“I used FastPass+ in January. I like the fact that you can schedule them ahead of time. That’s really helpful. But, that being said, I am not at all happy with the system. Never have I ever had to wait in line when I had a FASTPASS. I found myself doing just that several times while I was there. They have some major issues to work out. I also of course hate that there are only three passes a day, and I don’t like the tiered system for Epcot and Hollywood Studios.”

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Disney's Splash Mountain


Jeanne“You cannot park hop with the system as it is now…which is very disappointing. Keep that in mind if you are thinking about adding that option. I am hearing it may change in the future, but who knows….”

Susan, “Mixed bag.We picked three for Magic Kingdom and then decided to go to Epcot, so we couldn’t use them that day. The next day I got to ride Toy Story Mania at Hollywood Studios for the first time because of FastPass+.”


So that’s more positive reviews than negative or undecideds. Now, what do you think?

We’ll be back next month to give you an update from fans on how they thought February went using the new system.

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Small World Ride FastPass+

If you used FastPass+ in January, leave us a comment here  and tell us about your experience. We’ll then add them into the article under the appropriate category. (So if your comment suddenly disappears, check the article!)  We will use quotes only with first names. Please provide comments only for January please.

Make your vacation better? Worse? Not sure yet? We would love to know what you thought.

Thanks! Our fans are the best!!


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Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you on your iPhone, updating your FastPass+ ride times.


  1. Randy Ash says:

    Hey Skate…my wife and I used the new system this fall. Since we have no kids with us these days the flexibility of changing your selections via the mobile app makes it a great choice for us. Would it be nice to select more than one attraction per tier? Sure would but we come to WDW from Central IL so we spend enough days in the parks to get to our favorites. The Park Hopper option helps in this regard. We haven’t ever spent an entire day and night in any park. Go early, catch a nap by the pool, then back to a different location that night.

    Appreciate your articles!


  2. Paige says:

    We did not really like the new FastPass+ system. I believe that Disney needs to fix it’s website before they drive such massive traffic to it to make reservations. I have a very high speed connection but it took me several days to make our FastPass+ reservations because we kept getting kicked off of the website or the site would shut down. I also hate that the number is limited. That really has thrown us for a loop in our planning and we spent way more time waiting in lines than we have in years! The only thing I did like was the ability to make reservations so we didn’t have to run across the park to get fastpasses (That is, when the website was working). Overall, I consider it a bad tradeoff.

  3. Amy says:

    I absolutely hate the fast pass + system. It has to be one of the worst ideas to come to the parks. Why would WDW take options away from their clientele. I come every year for the princess half marathon and have NEVER had to wait in lines averaging 40-60 minutes. Even the tomorrow land transit authority had a line. This makes me want to take my money elsewhere. Because standing in line is not magical!

  4. Chris says:

    My wife and I went in February (keep in mind this is OFF season) and the new FastPass+ system was being rolled out. Bottom line…it’s TERRIBLE! I’ve been to Disney 20+ times, but it was SO BAD I postponed the trip with the entire family until maybe next year (hoping it will get better)!

    You only get 3 FastPasses per day/park and you choose from two different groups of attractions, basically one from the really good attractions (ie: Soarin, Test Track, Norway, etc.) and two from a group of attractions you never needed FastPasses for (ie: Imagination, Spaceship Earth, Nemo, etc.). It created MUCH longer lines and wait time at rides you would never have needed FastPasses for and all but made us skip rides we would have been able to do with a traditional FastPass because the lines were too long.

    This new system was put in place to “reward” those that stay on Disney property by allowing them to book their FastPasses months in advance. Disney claims this will enhance the park experience…sounds good, but the only thing they’re trying to enhance, is their bottom line.

    Theoretically, if my family stays offsite and pays FULL price for park admission, we could be locked out of an attraction because the guests staying onsite might have booked all the FastPasses for that attraction. How is this fair???? How is my dollar worth less? Since I saved money by staying offsite, chances are I’ll spend more in the parks…duh!

    Disney will and SHOULD lose lots of loyal fans if greed gets the better of you. I guarantee Walt would have fired the people that came up with this debacle!

    I hope Disney changes this, but if not…

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