Can You Afford This Disney World Jewelry? Yes, Because It’s All Under $30!

Unless you are a Disney Princess, it’s hard to get to Disney World as often as we would like. Sometimes, it’s nice to pick up a little trinket to show our Disney vacation enthusiasm before you get to Orlando. The Disney Store is making that easy for you right now, with Disney Character inspired jewelry available online at reasonable prices.

Can You Afford This Fabulous Gold and Diamond Disney Store Jewelry?


Mickey Mouse Birthstone Earrings

These sparkling Mickey Mouse Birthstone Earrings give her a reason to celebrate every day of the year. Post-pierced with an anti-tarnish finish, they dress up a casual look and fit right in on a dressy night out.

Princess Cost  $15.95    

Use this Disney Store link for more details. 

Disney birthstone earrings

12 months of Disney Princess earrings

Silver Initial Mickey Mouse Necklace

A Mickey Mouse icon hangs next to her initial on our Silver Initial Mickey Mouse Necklace. A lovely script, coupled with sparkling stones, makes it special with a touch of Disney magic!

Princess Cost  $15.95    

Use this Disney Store link for more details.

Mickey Mouse Initial Necklace

Disney World Mickey Mouse Initial Necklace

Mickey Mouse Birthstone Necklace

Every day is her special day with our Mickey Mouse Birthstone Necklace. Our Mickey icon sparkles with her birthstone on a silver-plated, anti-tarnish bead chain. The chain is adjustable so the perfect gift is also a perfect fit.

Princess Cost  $15.95    

Use this Disney Store link for more details.

Mickey Mouse Birthstone necklace

12 months of Disney birthstone necklaces

Mickey Mouse Icon Necklace

Bring glam and Disney magic together with our Mickey Mouse Icon Necklace. The iconic crystal studded Mickey silhouette is surrounded by a circular pendant with even more crystals to give our necklace extra sparkle.

Princess Cost $26.00  

Use this Disney Store link for more details.

Mickey Mouse Icon Necklace

Mickey Mouse gold icon necklace

Mickey Mouse Birthstone Ring

This Mickey Mouse Birthstone Ring wraps around your finger with a Mickey Mouse head icon, silver band in the center and star. Mickey’s ears and head and the star’s center showcase your birthstone to celebrate you.

Princess Cost  $15.95

Use this Disney Store link for more details.

Disney Mickey birthstone rings

Mickey Mouse Birthstone ring

Mickey Mouse Heart Necklace

You’ll fall in love with the charm of our Mickey Mouse Heart Necklace. The sparkling heart, encrusted with pink cubic zirconia stones, perfectly frames the finely-detailed features of Mickey’s face.

Princess Cost $28.00  

Use this Disney Store link for more details.

Mickey Mouse heart necklaces

Mickey Mouse silver heart necklace

Cubic Zirconia Mickey Mouse Earrings

Bring a sparkle to your eye with our Cubic Zirconia Mickey Mouse Earrings. The brilliant gleam and sophisticated design of our Mickey shaped earrings will add elegance and style to any outfit.

Princess Cost $24.95

Use this Disney Store link for more details.

Cubic Zirconia Mickey Mouse Earrings

Disney Cubic Zirconia Mickey Mouse Earrings

Mickey Mouse Icon Necklace

This concave icon pendant features a cut design so Mickey resembles an elegant snowflake. Using a matte finish metal, the necklace blends contemporary style with the timeless charm of Mickey.

Princess Cost $29.95

Use this Disney Store link for more details.

cheap Mickey Mouse necklace

A Disney Princess knows how to spot a quality item. A Cheapskate Princess knows how to find that item on sale!

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Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you, shopping on Black Friday from the comfort of your living room. It’s OK if you put on your Mickey Mouse ears, because nobody will ever know…


  1. Sandra says:

    Looking at getting some earrings with mickey birthstone for june month or a necklace, are they still available.

  2. Sandra says:

    Looking at getting the birthstone earrings of mickey mouse or necklace are they still available.

    • Amanda says:

      I’m not sure. Did you search on the Disney site to see what is available now? This article is a couple years old, but sometimes they keep the same merchandise for years.

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