Five Pieces of WDW Advice, Straight From the Fans Who Have Been There & Done That!

Disney World advice for vacations

We asked our fans to send in their best advice for a Disney World vacation. Here we go…

1. Skip the Park Hopper

Rebecca, “If you have little kids, don’t waste your money on the hopper pass.”

Park Hopper passes will cost you more money, for one. You lose a lot of time changing parks. While Disney provides free transportation to the other parks, but getting there can take up a lot of valuable park time. And walking through the parks, walking to the transportation, is tough on small legs. And if children are in strollers, that doesn’t make it any easier on your feet.

It’s hard to do this for multiple days throughout a vacation.

Rebecca’s advice – pick a park and spend your time there. You’ll save money and walk less, spending more time in that park rather than transitioning to another.

2. Make a List

Tonia, “Make a list of priorities. No matter how much you plan and how long you have, you will NOT see it all! (But don’t over-plan your days either!)”

Disney is a huge place, and it’s almost an over-simplification to say that you won’t do it all. Unless you are staying for weeks, there is just too much to do. You need a plan. And a great idea for groups or families with kids is to involve them in the planning process.

Amber, “Take your time! You will not be able to see it all AND enjoy it. So relax, take in the little details, prioritize your experiences so you don’t over do it.  Let YOUR magic just happen!”

Pick what is most important to you, because time goes by fast, and even with great planning, you may struggle to see everything you are looking forward to accomplishing. Make a list of priorities.

3. Take the Kids Out of School

Micheal, “It’s OK to take the kids out of school! Creating family memories is JUST as important (if not more important) than whatever is going on at school. And going during school cuts down on cost and crowds making for a much better experience for all involved!”

There has been article after article written on the pros and cons of taking kids out of school. I know it’s tough to take older teens out of school. But those younger school-age kids, those five to 12ish age kids not prepping for the ACT- will have a blast during the low crowd seasons when school is in session.

Parents, try not to make this harder for their teachers. Get the work ahead of time. Have the kids do it on the car/plane ride to Orlando. Get it finished when you get back. Try to help the kids with the work as much as possible so teachers don’t have to do double work upon your return.

There is so much you can learn on a Disney vacation, from history to people skills.

Best Advise for a Disney World vacation

4. Don’t Do Too Much

Susan, “Plan one park a day with one table reservation at that park (or less). Don’t overextend. Try to go when you have 5-6 days (at least) to be there because chances are one of those days you will want to make it a short day at a park, or not go at all and just relax at Downtown Disney, swimming pool, ferry ride, etc.  Also, if you have a few hours to do something on your arrival or departure day, don’t try to go to a park – it always takes longer than you think and it will just cause stress. Save it for the next trip. And start planning it as soon as you get home.

When you tell people you are going to Disney World, if they don’t ask you why you are going again, they will probably offer some sort of planning advice. You should do this, see this, eat here, and ride this. I am guilty of this myself. But remember to

5. Rest!

Number four sort of Mickey Mouse Premium Ice Cream bar melts into number five. This advice almost seems counter-productive to enjoying an expensive vacation, but a rest is almost a necessity for a lot of families.

Crystal, “Rest! Just because a park is open, it doesn’t mean you have to be there. I mapped it all out very strategically, so we could utilize every available extra magic hour. One day we entered Epcot at 8 a.m., then hopped to Magic Kingdom in the afternoon and closed the place down at 2 a.m. We did this just to sleep and be at Hollywood Studios by 9 the next morning. My husband and both kids were all amazing troopers, and we made a lot of memories. We never waited in any lines, but I promised never to do that to them again. Luckily we DID take the advice to take a day off to recharge in the middle of the trip.”

Leave us your best advice for a Disney vacation. We love hearing from people who have been there and done that!


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  1. Amy says:

    I totally agree with all of these

  2. Stephanie Matthews says:

    These are great recommendations! I always tell people to take time to enjoy all the little things that Disney has to offer…especially if you know you’re coming back. During our most recent trip to WDW, it rained A LOT, so the parks were often empty. We had so much time to take in things that we had never experienced before…Liberty Belle Riverboat, People Mover, interacting with cast members, street performances, Flag Retreat Ceremony at MK…things that I will now make a point to see on future trips. Even with the rain, those little things made it the best trip we ever had!

  3. Kendra Butcher says:

    Great tips! Will be helpful when we take our two younger children! Thanks!

  4. Jess says:

    Great tips! We never use the park hopper. Too much traveling

  5. dana says:

    These are all great ideas and advice. I personally still will get the park hopper. I just don’t spend a whole day at Epcot or Animal Kingdom. We would rather be mostly in the main event Magic Kingdom!!!!!

  6. Kellie K. says:

    I completely agree with all of these tips! However, one thing I would add to the first one is, Take a mid-day break in the warmer summer months if you have little ones under the age of 8 or 9 years old. Whether you find a quiet spot inside the park or decide to go back to your hotel for a few hours, that break will do everyone a lot good. My kids are 16,12, & 10 now, and we always took breaks/naps between 2pm & 5pm.

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