2016 Beach Princess: The Absolute Best Bathroom on the Mississippi Coast

July 2016
I have stayed in a lot of condos through the years, many of which had fantastic bathrooms. The suite at the IP? My friends, it just does not get any better than this.
You would think the best thing about the suites is simply the suite itself, plus the casino!
IP Casino Resort
IP Casino syite living room
IP Casino suites
where to stay at the IP Casino
IP Casino amazing suites
 IP Casino
 Or many people think the best thing is the view.
But the best part of an IP suite is the bathroom, which is, in all seriousness, larger than my bedroom at home.
Double sinks with tons of soft towels and storage space.
IP Casino suite
IP Casino Biloxi
IP Casino suites
IP Casino shower
And this humongous shower:
IP Casino suite shower
IP casino amazing suite
You get 3 TVs in the bathroom, which I honestly never turned on once. But I knew they were there, should the mood strike.
IP Casino bathroom tv
The piece de resistance is the Hot Tub, which was so fantastic, I felt the need to capitalize the name.
IP Casino hot tub
IP Casino bathroom hot tub
IP hot tub rooms
IP bathroom with a hot tub
Best hot tubs in Biloxi Mississippi
 Did I mention this tub had lights? Oh yea…
Biloxi hot tub suites
hot tubs with lights at at casino
You get these robes to borrow. Just don’t take it home unless you want to make it yours for $75. Don’t think I didn’t search for these on eBay.
IP Casino perks
And you get freebies to keep.
Biloxi casino
For more information on the suites at the IP, use this link.
Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you on vacation, somewhere…


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