Boys! How Much Will It Cost to Dress Them in Costumes at Walt Disney World?

Boys costumes at Walt Disney World

Can you name more than three Disney Princes? No, that was not a misprint; I really did mean Disney Princes, like a prince. Obviously I am not watching enough Disney movies, because I couldn’t name two.  According to the Disney Wiki, The Disney Princes are an official line-up of male protagonists and deuteragonists (except for Li Shang who is the tritagonist) (??) who are the love-interests of the Disney Princesses. These include The Prince, Prince Charming, Prince Phillip, Prince Eric, Prince Adam and Prince Naveen, who are each born of royal heritage.  Aladdin and Flynn Rider become royalty by marrying princesses. Li Shang and John Smith are not considered royalty but are both still considered a “prince” because their love interests, Mulan and Pocahontas, are official Disney Princesses.

The Magic Kingdom parks are alive with beautiful little princesses running everywhere, dressed to the hilt in Disney designed costumes. Will you spot any little Disney Princes running hither and yonder to grab a FASTPASS? It’s not very likely, unless they were hand made by a mom or grandma.

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There be pirates afoot in the Disney Parks, me harties! Terry Fults sent us this photo of her little pirate. “This is my son last summer after The Pirate League. He loved it! Definitely worth the money.”

boys dress like pirates at Disney World

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If you want to pick up your boy’s brand new costume before your vacation, try the Disney While you will not find any prince costumes for sale, you can find a couple characters your sons are more likely to recognize.

There is the Jake costume for $39.95, Jake being the star of Disney Junior’s Jake and the Never Land Pirates,which includes the top, pants, wig and bandana, plus there is an accessory set for $10.95, which includes a sword and spyglass. What a way to show swashbuckling style!

Use this link to access the Disney Jake costume page.  

Disney Junior Jake costumeHow would your Disney Prince like to dress up like Buzz Lightyear? For $44.95, you get the full bodysuit, detachable wings that light up, gloves, a hat, and and a chest plate.

Use this link to Disney Buzz Lightyear page. 

Buzz Lightyear Disney costume

Disney also has four costumes for boys from their Marvel Comics series, which include Iron Man “3,” The Hulk, Spider Man, and Captain America.

Use this link to access the Disney Marvel costume collection, with prices ranging from $49.95 to $59.95.

Disney Marvel boy's costumes

And if you want to be original, there is always the home-made route. Jessica Courrier sent us this photo of her little man, who only dresses up for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. “We had an awesome time when my son dressed as Peter Pan though! Hook came to the end of his line to “fight” with our Pan. At Peter Pan’s Flight, an awesome CM took our little guy to the front of “his” ride. He loved how everyone treated him as if he really was Peter Pan! One of our favorite nights at the Magic Kingdom.” 

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make your own Disney costume

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