Got Pets? Why You May Need an Off-Property Rental House for an Orlando Vacation

rent a house for Disney World

June 2016

Pets. They bring so much joy to our lives on a daily basis, but in terms of taking them on vacation, being a pet owner can be a real bummer. With the exception of service animals, no pets are allowed inside any of the theme parks in Orlando including the four Disney parks, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Sea World. Each park has kennels where you can leave your pet while you play in the parks, but what can you do if you don’t want to leave your pet in a kennel?

Take them with you.

Rental houses all over Orlando allow pets. Now you may have to do a fair amount of searching to find them, but many, many homes allow pets. Once you find a rental you can afford, (rental homes can be less expensive per night than on property hotel rooms,) pack your bags and head off to see the Mouse.

We chose a rental in Reunion Resort, which apparently offers about 20 pet friendly rentals in various neighborhoods. To see more information about Reunion and more pictures of the house itself, use this link.

Large Family Disney World Vacation in Orlando? Check Out the Fabulous Reunion Resort!

Here are the faces of dogs who can’t wait to drive nine hours to Florida…


Dogs love car rides! No hours sitting in a kennel here…

take dogs on vacation to Orlando

why take dogs on vacation

Cheapskate Princess vacation with dogs

One of the benefits of a rental house is a large, full-size kitchen where you can cook meals. Eating at “home” may not be as much fun as eating at the parks, but we save money this way, traveling with two adults and three teens who mostly eat like adults.

save money on vacation by cooking your own meals

save money on food at Disney World

save money on vacation by cooking at home

save money on food on vacation

save money on vacation

Dogs love sharing meals on vacation.

dogs love vacations

Our rental house had a lovely pool with an enclosure.

Reunion Resort rental house pool

Reunion Resort pool

Kids love pools…

Swimming at Reunion Resort in Orlando

But so do dogs, at least hanging out by the pool.

rental pool at Reunion Resort

bring dogs on vacation

take dogs on vacation

I’m the usual dog walker in our family, and so I spend a lot of time with them outdoors. Reunion has some beautiful landscaping: even the alleyways behind the homes and sidewalks connecting the neighborhoods are lovely.

rental houses that allow dogs Reunion Resort

Reunion Resort

Reunion Resort vacation with dogs

Reunion Resort

One of the best thing about staying in Reunion was the amazing neighborhoods we walked through. Now dogs don’t care one bit about mansions and landscaping, but I sure do!








It’s interesting to look at what is being built and sold in the neighborhoods, which also makes me what to go buy some Fl. Lotto tickets.

Reunion Resort homes for sale Reunion rental home

When you’ve worn yourself out from park hopping, who better to join you in a nap than dogs.

take dogs on vacation to Orlando

Staying on Disney Resort property is ideal in many ways, but for taking your pets along with you, it may not get any better than a per friendly rental at Reunion Resort.

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