Bringing Food into Disney World Theme Parks: A Cheapskate Princess Guide

yummy snacks to bring to Disney World

Updated for 2015!

If you ever tried to sneak food into some sort of establishment, you just might be a Cheapskate Princess! Most Walt Disney World visitors are aware that you no longer have to sneak your food into the theme parks, because the rules have changed from years past. I have a mini-anxiety attack every time we go through Security, because my dad snuck food during every trip we made to Disney as kids. I call it “Post Traumatic Cheapskate Syndrome.” Even the most well-traveled Disney visitors could use a refresher on just what you can bring with you and what to transport your food in.

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What can you bring?

The Walt Disney World website states that you are not permitted to bring alcoholic beverages or glass containers into the parks. Glass baby food jars are allowed.

Staying hydrated in the park is really essential to having a great trip. You are welcome to bring in your own beverages or food in a soft sided cooler. You can also get water for FREE at any snack or counter service restaurant that serves fountain drinks. Just ask for an ice water!

What if I forget and bring my Coke in a glass bottle?

On our last visit, we watched a man seven people in front of us try to bring in two glasses with him through the Magic Kingdom Security checkpoint. I could not determine if these were for a proposal or he had just purchased them as a souvenir. I do know they were not colorful Disney coffee mugs but clear glass. Security said he could throw them away. He said no, so they radioed for another Security Cast Member.  And he was still waiting five minutes later when we walked off. Forgetting the glass rule can cost you money and waste your time, which can directly and indirectly costing you money.

Little Mickey’s glass baby food jar is still OK.

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What kind of food should I bring?

Holy cow, is it hot in Orlando during a large portion of the year. I’m not sure you’ll want to eat that Tuna sandwich that came out of the fridge at 6 a.m. for dinner after it sat in a backpack all day. If you bring cold food that should remain cool, you’ll need a way to keep it cold.

Disney World offers no facilities to heat food inside the parks. The WDW website specifically mentions “snacks or foods that do not require heating” as permissible carry-ins. Sandwiches, dry snacks (like crackers, cookies, fruit bars, and chips) and cans of soda and bottled water tend to work best, though you can also bring in cold food such as potato salad if you have a proper container for it. I like to avoid sodas that can get shaken up transporting them to and from the parks, but many people bring sodas along with no issue.

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How large can my cooler be?

You might want to re-think that Thanksgiving Day spread you had planned for the “Greatest Disney Picnic Ever.” While Disney may not care what food you bring with you, they do care how big your cooler is. If you have ever seen the drivable cooler, you will know why this rule made me chuckle a bit.  No bags, boxes, coolers, or any other container larger than 24″ x 15″ x 18″ is allowed into the parks, no matter what you plan to use it for.

Most Disney planning sites suggest you bring a soft-sided insulated bag. You can buy these for $10 and up, depending on where you purchase it.

Also, other than strollers, you may not bring any wheeled conveyances into the parks. This means no rolling coolers or wagons to transport lots of smaller coolers.

Mama, don’t let your babies grow up to drive a cooler into Disney World. I couldn’t resist finding a photo, as I wondered if at some point, if someone really did try to drive their lunch into the Magic Kingdom…

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How do I get my food past security?

This part is easy. Smile, have your bag checked, and walk through the gates. I have overheard many security Cast Members ask about specific food items, but this is just small talk. One Cast Member held up my son’s bag of Cheese Nips and stood there. My son looked at him like he feared being arrested. The Cast Member said,”What, no chocolate?” As long as your Cheese Nips are not enclosed in glass, you are good to go.

Those Security Cast Members are checking bags for weapons and other illicit items, not your Twix chocolate bars. It’s a good idea to pack your food in your bag/cooler so that security can search through it quickly and cleanly, and then simply repack it once you get past the check point.

Now I have to haul my food around with me all day?

No, but you might want to. Kids get hungry, as do adults, often in what seems to be the worst time.

You can rent a locker for the day, although they are subject to availability on first-come basis. Key deposits are refunded when the key is returned.

  • Large Locker: 17.5″h x 12″w x 16″ deep. $10.00 per day with a $5.00 key deposit.
  • Small Locker: 11″h x 9″w x 16″ deep. $8.00 per day with a $5.00 key deposit.

Those prices have gone up $1 each since 2014. You must return your locker key no later than one hour after park closing to receive the deposit refund.

While I am inherently cheap, this is not a bad deal considering the cost of a bottle of water rings in just under $3. But if you are walking upwards of 10 miles a day, walking back to get your food may be just more miles piled on your poor feet, and then you still have to hike  to where you want to eat. But the locker rental option is there for those who need it.

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Will having a picnic scar my kids for life?

A Cheapskate Princess would say, “Definitely no, not if you’ve raised them right!”

Whoops, what about Animal Kingdom?

Having just said all that, you need to know that Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park doesn’t allow coolers at all, unless you need one specifically for medical purposes. Animal Kingdom also prohibits juice boxes in the park, because the plastic straw wrappers on such drinks constitute a hazard to the animals.

A vacation to Disney World is expensive, and with our current economy, many people are struggling to make ends meet, much less take a vacation. The price of food for a family of five adults (three kids over the age of 10) really affects my vacation planning. If taking snacks, drinks, and even meals into the Disney parks will help you stay for an extra day or two, then not only are you smart, but you just might be a Cheapskate Princess.

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Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you in Wal-mart shopping for a soft sided cooler.


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  1. Shauna K says:

    I think maybe the rules have even changed at AK (yay!). Dec 2012 was our last trip and we brought a cooler in, but maybe it was allowed because it was the baby’s food. The Disney website doesn’t specify anywhere that AK doesn’t allow coolers either (unless maybe they recently changed the rule to NOT allow coolers and haven’t updated the site!). Either way, that was just our recent experience, so I thought I’d pass it along :)

    • Danyelle says:

      Thanks I will double check the rule at animal kingdom in a couple weeks because I was going to pack a cooler daily!

  2. Gaylin says:

    Since I have food allergies, I always bring my own ‘safe’ snack bars, sometimes a muffin from home (yes all the way from Vancouver) and on occasion a yogurt or other item that I picked up at Pop. Never been a problem.

    A great article, hopefully lots of people get to read it as I have seen many occasions where it looks like families are trying to move into MK . . . Bet they didn’t know about the size limit on bags!

  3. Lisa says:

    As an AP, we are always going to Disney and on EVERY trip, we see people pulling/pushing rolling coolers in all parks. I thought they were not allowed? On very busy days/holidays, people can trip over them, especially if you are already trying to avoid all the strollers, lol. We always pack snacks, but I pack them in a backpack that I carry all day with our water and other items (bandaids, wipes, etc.). Pls confirm if rolling coolers are allowed or not and if not, pls ask Disney to inform the security who checks bags before entering the park and also the CM at the ticket entrance. Thx.

  4. Amanda says:

    I was wondering what your opinion would be on our cooler? My husband has a lunch box cooler that he takes to work. It is soft sided, but has a rigid, removable insert. Do you think this would be allowed? The lid can hold an ice pack, but has to have the rigid insert inside, in order to close properly with the cold pack.


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