Love Disney World Jewelry? Ya Gotta Shop eBay!

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If I had the choice between standing in a 120 minute Disney line to ride Space Mountain or standing at a jewelry counter to window shop, I’m picking the jewelry. Disney World has an amazing assortment of jewelry options for Cheapskate Princesses all the way up to the Disney Dooney carrying Disney Princesses. The worst part of shopping is obviously the prices. You get what you pay for in terms of quality, but sometimes buying a nice piece of jewelry on vacation just isn’t in the financial cards. If you ever bought Disney items on eBay to get a bargain, then you just might be a Cheapskate Princess!

EBay is just a great place to find a Disney bargain.

I found this Disney Company watch about a month ago on eBay for $22.50 including shipping. What caught my eye were the Disney charms rather than the watch itself. I am a sucker for a cute Disney charm bracelet, and charm bracelets  are in style now in the parks or the workplace. It looked heavy, it was described as new, and it looked like something that fit my style. This was a”buy me now” auction, so I did not have to wait for the auction to end. Again, $22.50.

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When the watch arrived, I made sure it kept good time. The seller had completed over 1,000 auctions and had a feedback rating of 99.7%. I felt confident the watch was going to run fine, but I always wait about a week before I leave feedback, just to make sure there are no problems. The watch was described as new, and I had to peel clear stickers off the watch face and back.  It came in a cute little Disney box, which I promptly gave my daughter. No scratches, keeps time, and a bargain basement price – we’re in business now.

When I put it on my wrist, I immediately disliked the charms on the watch, the very thing I truly liked in the first place. They were heavy, the same thick metal just as the watch band, but I didn’t like the way they hung.  I thought they distracted from the sleek look of the watch. So I used some pliers and carefully removed the charms, making sure the metal rings would still be in usable condition.

Once I made some changes, this was now I watch I could love, speaking of heart-shaped watches…

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Which brings me to the Disney bracelet I purchased for $27 from eBay last year. I loved the charm with Swarovski Crystals, but it was just so lightweight and thin, I think I only wore it once. When I positioned the  removed watch charms around the bracelet, I liked the way the new charms looked with the old bracelet, but I suddenly hated the original charm with this re-imagined bracelet. They might all look silver, but fashionably, they were a terrible match. I removed this charm with some metal cutters in less than two seconds.

See how much smaller this bracelet is compared to the watch? I have another charm bracelet I’ll add this charm to later on.

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I counted out even spacing and attached the charms to their new home. For a grand total of $47.50, I now have a sleek Mickey watch, an adorable Disney-themed charm bracelet, and a great silver plated charm to add to another bracelet. Compare that to the last watch I purchased in a Disney gift shop for $110, and I got a fantastic deal. While I love to wear my retail priced watch, I’m a Cheapskate Princess, so I sure love a deal as well.

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When I wear my retail watch, I think of Epcot and walking around the Boardwalk Resorts. My husband bought me that watch as a gift on our last vacation on one of my favorite gift shops on Disney property, and it was raining that day. This watch has sentimental value for me. When I wear my eBay watch and bracelet, and I can wear them on the same day because the metal is an excellent match, I think of future trips to come, time with my kids, charms jingling as I ride the monorail. I think of what I might buy with the money I saved, perhaps a cupcake to split in fourths with the kids.

So many gift shops, so little Disney time…

Disney watch

Remember when bidding on eBay auctions, you should always look at the seller’s feedback. When my 5th grade son finds a treasure on eBay, he always starts his request for money with the seller’s feedback rating, because he’s wise enough to know that’s good business. If the price looks too good to be true, it probably is. If their feedback is questionable, wait for a better auction. If you have spent any time pricing items on eBay, you know another auction is just around the corner.

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  1. j says:

    I’ve had a charm bracelet for the parks for like 7 years last night ironically I upgraded to a necklace.I upgraded because I ran out of room. I bought a $4 charm per visit which adds up for a Disney fan over 7 years

  2. Deborah says:

    I have the same watch. I got it at Wallmart in Washington State. I was able to buy charms for it too there. Yes it is a heavy watch but so much fun. I have a few different styles of that watch. They cost about $15 00

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