Disney World Food Tip #6: To Save Money, Order This Drink for Free!

how to save money on drinks at Walt Disney World

Updated for 2017!

It can get crazy HOT in the Disney Parks. Summer is brutally hot, but this is Florida, so it’s not like fall and spring are chilly.  You will get thirsty, regardless of the season.

Lots of people bring their own water bottles into Walt Disney World, which is definitely O.K. Years ago, you were not allowed to bring outside food or drinks with you, but now you are in the clear. I had a Cast Member doing bag checks shake a box of snacks and look at me funny, with a rather unsettling face. I just smiled, like somebody sneaking snacks into a theme park. He said, “No chocolate?” So you can relax and bring in your plastic bottles, snacks, and picnic meals.

Remember to bring no glass bottles with you, as carrying glass will have you stopped before you even reach the turnstile. Planning to propose in front of Cinderella Castle at the Magic Kingdom? Make sure those Mickey themed champagne glasses are plastic.

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bring bottled water for a Disney World vacation

What happens when your water bottles run out?

But those bottles of water will soon be empty, especially in the 105 degree Florida summer heat. It may not reach 105, but it will sure feel like it. What is a Cheapskate Princess to do? Don’t toss the bottle yet. You can refill your bottle in any of the multitude of Disney water fountains, but Disney water snobs will tell you it’s not the greatest tasting beverage in the world, and often if the water fountain is located in the sun, your  yucky fountain water will be luke warm. Ugh.

Head over to any quick service restaurant, and I’ve seen this done at snack stations that serve drinks as well, and simply ask for a cup of ice water. This is FREE! It’s like a bonus for spending a fortune on your tickets and hotel. Now pour this in your empty water bottles and head off for your next set of Fastpasses. With the money you save, you might decide to pick up an apple fritter later on, because priced under $3.50 at the coffee stands as you enter the parks, they are barely more than the cost of another bottle of water. And it was sure tasty!

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get free water at Disney World restaurants

Does this always work?

When this is not a great freebie is when lines are long at the closest counter service restaurant, which is fairly common during peak dining times. If you don’t want to waste valuable time standing in line for water, you may just have to shell out up to three dollars for a bottled water or sports drink.  Or you can always just suck it up and drink the fountain water. It may not taste that great, but it won’t hurt as bad as paying $3 for water.

Ordering water works at both counter and table service restaurants. Ordering water is free, so order a round for your table, and then take it to go in your plastic bottles. The paper cup they gives you works fine for a little while, but carrying a paper cup in a backpack isn’t going to work. I know- my son tried when he was four.

Hang onto those water bottles and fill ’em up for free. A Disney Princess would definitely purchase designer water, but a Cheapskate Princess will count how many times the bottle was refilled.

If you are walking around the resorts, you may spot some of this free water. I’m not a favorite of the zucchini flavored water, but it’s free and all. 

free water at Disney World resorts

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Our readers agree…

Donna, “The free water is an awesome tip. We take our own bottles and refill throughout the day. The snack stands that serve soft drinks in cups have water also, and they are often less crowded than restaurants…..unless it’s parade time.

Carrie has a bunch of ideas, “On the days we used dining credits for breakfast, we would snag a to-go drink in a bottle for later on and use our refillable mugs for drinks with breakfast. I liked the Vitamin Water, because they were larger mouth bottles and you could easily fill them with ice and water from the restaurants and then carry it around in the backpack. Plus, they were sturdier than the cheapy water bottles we took. 

We also did bring our refillable mugs, which aren’t completely water tight, but held up better than the paper cups (and didn’t sweat every where). They aren’t refillable in the parks, but you can dump your ice water (or any other fountain drink) out of the paper cup into it. 

Additionally, restaurants that have self serve drink machines can be used to refill water bottles, with water only, without waiting in another line. We popped into several and filled up water with no issues. 

I think the water fountain water tastes funky because it is warm. The cup of water comes with ice, so you can’t taste the funk as much because it is cold.”

Rachel, “I took one of those refillable filtered water bottles last time; it weighs only a little more than a typical water bottle, but then you can refill at the water fountains without it tasting yucky. I do not normally drink the tap water in FL as I am one of those snobs but with the bottle it tasted great!”

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We’ll see you in the Fastpass line. You’ll know me by the Vos Water bottle I’ll be holding…

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  1. j says:

    I can definitely agree with that the last time I went in 2010 I had to leave in the early afternoon because I was sick from dehydration

  2. melissa says:

    We use the water fountains to fill our bottles but I buy packets of crystal light, tea, half/half tea & lemonade and/or Hawaian Punch to put in our water bottles. It’s nice to have when I start to crave a soda in the afternoon.

  3. Sunny C says:

    There is no need for anyone to be thirsty while visiting the Happiest place on earth!!! I always take a large plastic water bottle the kind which you can throw away. I refill it several times while inside the parks at water fountains, and if I am thirsty I ask at any fast food places, and I get all of the water that I can drink, for free!!!
    Also, do not forget when dining in any Resturant in Disney, ask for a glass of ice water. It is free and so refreshing.

  4. Amanda Anderson says:

    The last time we were at Disney, they let us trade our quick service dessert for extra water bottles

  5. Carissa Hodgson says:

    Going to Disney in January my question is… Water from the water fountain that people say taste gross is it the same as the FREE water from counter service? Or is counter service filtered??

    • Amanda says:

      Counter service has always tasted fine to me. It’s the water fountains and resort sink water that tastes so yuk. I say go with the free counter service water and you’re OK.
      Thanks for reading!

  6. David says:

    Not going to lie, when I read to fill yr bottle at the water fountains,,I pictured big fountains not “water” fountains. I pictured people drinking from splash mountain splashes. Must get more sleep.

  7. Lori LoPresti says:

    Every time I ask for a cup of ice water, i get a small cup! I had the hardest time getting an actual large cup of ice water. I even got in a bit of an argument in the France pavilion in Epcot because the lady just wouldn’t give me a large cup. The small lasts about one sip when you’re dying in the Florida heat! I don’t know what the solution to this problem is other than just keep asking for water everywhere you go and eventually filling up your water bottle. Why are they so stingy with water? They aren’t making enough money?! Sheesh!

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