Your Cell Phone? Put It Here On a Disney World Vacation

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The last time we went to Disney World, my family brought along four cell phones, four Mac laptops, two iPods, and an iPad. Just so you know, my husband and I are both teachers in an Alabama school system that rents Mac computers to students. We didn’t actually purchase three of those Macs, thank goodness, and the only one that actually belongs to us, my husband won in a contest. Given all those devices, it would be rather hypocritical for me to give the following advice without admitting up front that we are a family deeply wired into technology. So what is the one thing you need less of on your Disney vacation? Electronic devices.

Having just said to dump your phone and put away your ear buds, there is a definitely a place for electronic products on a Disney vacation.


Some people actually have to check in with the office using their computer on vacation. I checked my e-mail daily so I wouldn’t return to a pile of 450 e-mails, which I knew would only add to my DDS (Disney Depression Syndrome) upon my return to reality. You may not like it, but you might have to spend a necessary portion of  your vacation tied to a computer for work.

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Our drive to Orlando is eight hours one way not including stops. I am very grateful for the electronics in my children’s hands as we journey to Disney. We have a DVD player in the car, for which I’d like to thank the Ford company and my car payment-making husband for aiding my travel sanity. If you’ve ever had to punish or babysit arguing children trapped in a car, you know what I mean. It’s nice to let the kids watch a movie or play some video games while you make your way to Disney.

Long Lines

I was actually glad my teen daughter sent 958 texts a day on vacation, because she gets bored in lines and has a tendency to start trouble with her brothers. I was glad her brothers had an iPod in line, because when they get bored, they start telling Tosh.0 jokes and punching each other on the arm. Phones and games are great babysitters and distractors at Disney, and let’s face it, quite often we need that, especially when it’s hot and crowded. As many of you frequent visitors know, it’s hot and crowded at Disney, quite often.

Sometimes a phone, game, or a computer can be a work necessity, a fabulous luxury, and a sanity saver.

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But there are a lot of people electronic-ing their vacation away with their eyes glued to a screen.

Children and teens today don’t experience the same Disney World I did in the 1970s. There were no electronic devices to entertain me then, so I stood in long summer lines and looked at every plant, every stone, every building, every food cart, and on and on and on.  I touched the cool stone walls in the que to Pirates of the Caribbean ride and heard every note of every song. I felt the t-shirts, touched the jewelry, and I spoke to Cast Members. Occasionally I even spoke to my  brothers, when we weren’t punching each other on the arm.

And that’s one reason why I have the love of Disney I have today, because I spent hours totally immersed in the entire Disney experience. I didn’t have my nose buried in an iPhone or my ears blocked listening to an iPod. I looked at everything, listened to every bit, took every minute in and stashed it away in my long term memory. I could find any ride in the Magic Kingdom all by myself by the time I was eight. My kids today? If they really need to get somewhere, they’ll ask a Cast Member for directions or use a Disney map app. on an iPhone. They haven’t seen it all.

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What did I notice on my last Disney vacation? I watched all the birds in the Tiki room; my teenage daughter texted through the whole show. I listened to every part of the speech on the Peoplemover; my son listened to the headphones attached to his iPod. I walked on the shores of the Grand Floridian beach,  listening to the sound of boat horns and watching the gentle waves. I walked right by a mom and her two daughters seated side by side, in silence, noses buried in electronics.

There are people everywhere at Disney using some sort of battery-powered device, and chances are, they stopped on a sidewalk in front of you to answer a text.

Many adults don’t experience the same Disney theme parks today that visitors experienced years ago.

What was a vacation in the 70s is now a complete and total visual stimulation overload of characters, shopping, dining and thrill rides. But the basics are still there, and you’ll miss it with your nose in a phone, your fingers glued to a keyboard, as the incredible scenery slips by on a monorail. Your children will miss it listening to music through their headphones. Disney World and Disneyland are crazy busy places, and at times, electronic distraction will cause you to miss a lot of fun, fantasy, and fantastical sites.

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I pocket my phone in many places where I see adults texting. I try anyway, because for what I am paying for my trip, I want to remember every little teensy bit of my vacation, because who knows when I’ll make it back. Put your phone up for a while. Answer your work e-mails on your resort balcony or even the resort lobby. Put your headphones in your pocket and listen to the sounds of children laughing, Tiki birds singing, and brass bands playing.

Try giving your electronics a vacation on your vacation and see how you like viewing Disney from an unplugged vantage point.

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  1. Gaylin says:

    I don’t have a cell phone, my lap top stays at home and my ipod is only to be used while on the plane.

    I figure I may not know what the line-ups are like in all the theme parks because of not having a cell phone or the Disney app to go with it and I don’t care.

    I go on vacation to be away from being connected to every darn thing! I am always adamant with my travel companions that nope, cell phones stay in the hotel safe.

    • Amanda says:

      Woohoo! I’m all for it. I sent this reply to your cell phone too…ha ha, just kidding! Thanks for stopping by! ~A.

  2. Katrina says:

    My family is going on our very first WDW trip in April, and we do have a few electronics we will bring, but only for the car ride. We have a 3 year old, so we won’t need to contend with arguments over technology use, and for that I’m so grateful! I’m looking forward to experiencing the moments, especially when he sees everything! I have been eating up your blog, (I love it!) so when I read you were from AL, it made me happy (lol) since I live in southern Baldwin county…
    Great blog, thank you for some fantastic tips!!

    • Amanda says:

      Gurl, we are probably remote neighbors. I live in Foley and teach at the high school there. (I don’t tell most people I write in my very spare time, as they might think I am nuts!!) My best tip for a 3-year-old is three letters. Nap. Grab one for yourself too. Thanks for reading, and I hope you have a blast! ~A.

  3. Angela says:

    When we went to Disneyland two years ago, we went to dinner at the Rainforest Cafe our first night there. It was amazing. We sat on the roof as the sun went down and were treated to dinner by Tiki lights and live music from below. Hands down one of my favorite moments of the trip. But as we were sitting there I looked over at this family sitting at the next table. All of them had phones in their hands and were texting or playing. It made me super bummed! Vacation for me is vacation from everything that isn’t my family. We brought our computer with us just in case. We didn’t use it once! We use and worship the DVD players in our car but once we hit the properties it’s very limited to no electronics. I love it

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