Disney’s Photopass: 9 Phototastic Reasons This Splurge Is Worth the Extra Money


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If you ever handed your camera to a perfect stranger in a Disney theme park to get a photo of your whole family, thus bypassing the cost of paying for Disney’s PhotoPass, then you just might be a Cheapskate Princess. But should you skip it to save the cash?

Here are nine reasons you should (gasp) splurge on the extra money for PhotoPass.

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1. Disney’s PhotoPass Service is an excellent way to ensure you get photographs of your expensive vacation, plus you get everyone in the picture because you are not taking it.

2. Not only can you view your photos at the theme parks, you can view your photos online when you get back home and have more time. Now that you are not riding roller coasters, you can share your photos with your friends and family through e-mail and Facebook.

3. Have a certain photo you love?  Or more than one favorite? You can purchase products and gifts that will ensure your vacation memories last forever.

4. You can obtain a PhotoPass card from any Disney PhotoPass photographer, so you are not limited as to when you can start the process. If you forget, just pick one up when you see a Cast member holding a large camera.

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5. Using Photopass is easy. When you have your photos taken, you will be issued a “PhotoPass” which has the web address and a 16 digit ID number imprinted on it.  If you took your own photos with your camera, and you know you will, you can upload your photos on the PhotoPass website and add them to the product.

6. You do not have to order any photos from Disney, so there is no extra cost in printing your photos. Just print them at your house or store like Walgreens of Walmart and like Disney Magic, poof, there they are!

7. The pictures are high resolution JPEG images, so you don’t have to worry about quality. Many people say these photos taken by Disney professional photographers are far better than the photos they took with their own cameras.

8. If you edit, crop or add “magic” to your photos, a copy of the original is saved, so you never have to worry about ruining a photo.

9. You can re-print your photos years from now because Disney includes a copyright release.

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These three Disney magic-added photos are all found on the official  Disney’s PhotoPass website.

Other than PhotoPass, what other items do you insist on splurging on while on vacation at Disney World?

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Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see see you in line to get to the PhotoPass Cast Member!


  1. Carol Lyn says:

    I totally second this! We got the plus option before our last trip and what really made it great was that we went with another family and split the cost. The ride option alone paid for this, all those great pictures that you love to look at but would never normally buy because of the individual cost, we were able to get them all this way!!!

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