If You Get This on a Disney World Vacation, Whoops, You Could Be in Mega Trouble!

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While we were in Orlando last year just after Thanksgiving, I picked up a stomach bug of some sort that put me in the bed for the last 24 hours of our trip. My kids are I are big on “one last time at Disney,” because we never know when the next time will be. Completely gone was one was my last chance to ride the monorail over to the Grand Floridian to see the Christmas tree again. Gone was my chance to stand on Main Street after the park closed just that last one last time. Gone was my opportunity to put my arms around my children and gaze at Cinderella Castle for just a few minutes longer. Gone, gone, (cue vomiting sounds) and then I had to ride eight hours home feeling miserable.

If you get sick while on vacation, you could be in big trouble. I really lucked out, because while I felt terrible, at least I didn’t have to go to the walk-in clinic, or heaven forbid, the hospital. There are serious horror stories out there of happy people who arrived in Orlando and illness derailed most of their entire trip. If you get sick on vacation, you could be in real trouble.

Where is the Best Place to Watch Disney’s “Wishes” Fireworks?

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While some people just take off at a moment’s notice, for your average Disney visitor, there is a lot that goes into taking a WDW vacation. With hotel reservations, dining reservations to schedule, tickets, open and close times to research, making plans for your trip can be overwhelmingly stressful. Quite often we have to do extra work at the office in order to leave town, which can pile on so much stress that your immune system is significantly lowered. Adding to this, many vacations frequently involve a long and difficult amount of travel time, which can further deplete your entire system. We’re not all driving to Disney from a couple of hours outside of Orlando.

If you are journeying from another country, chances are that you have been in an enclosed space with even greater contact with lots of  people, thus exposing yourself to multiple germs. This is certainly the case with air travel, where you share the cabin air with many people, lots of which are probably just as stressed out as you are. Extra work, planning, traveling; these are like a cold or flu just waiting to wreck your fun.

Avoid These 10 Mistakes That Can Wreck a Disney World Vacation

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Vacations often interfere with your regular routine. Suddenly you are eating out more often, changing up your sleep patterns, and disturbing many other various areas of your regular daily schedule. All these changes can add up to a severely depressed immune system, leading you down the path to wrecking your trip.

What can you do before your Disney vacation to keep yourself perky and ready to ride some roller coasters? Three things.

First, wash your hands frequently.

Second, use antibacterial lotions while washing your hands frequently.

Three, prepare yourself for a stress free vacation. Yahoo Voices has some excellent advice for staying well before and during your vacation.

Easy Way to Save Time at Disney World? Hand Sanitizers!

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1. Take multivitamin supplements, as these can provide the right doses of antioxidants for a few weeks prior to your vacation.

2. Eat well. This seems simple, but we all know we live in a Burger King world.  Make a conscious effort to find foods that give you immune boosting vitamins and minerals. Those foods include fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds and garlic.

3. Get adequate rest. This means at least seven to nine hours sleep each night.

4. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, tea, and coffee. These favorites can interfere with your sleeping routine.

5.  Practice yoga or relaxation techniques. These include stretching and breathing exercises. Some of those breathing exercises can help you

6. Drink plenty of water and rehydrate your entire system. Try to drink eight large glasses daily between meals.

A Cheapskate Princess Guide to Less Stress on Vacation

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Are you just now starting to plan your vacation? Start working on the Yahoo Voices list a month or so prior to a long journey, and you will increase your immune system, which will automatically help you become less susceptible to infection.

Take some steps to get your immune system in prime shape, keep those hands clean, and then instead of seeing your hotel room bed on your last day, you’ll be off enjoying Space Mountain and fabulous resort views on your long-awaited vacation.

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If you ever said to a family member, handing them some antibacterial lotion, “Use this, because if you get sick, you will totally ruin my vacation,” then you just might be a Cheapskate Princess!


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  1. One time,the whole family was supposed to go to disney world. Then….dun…dun…dun! Me and my cousin got food poisoning and all day was puke and wach Harry potter day.

    Puke all day .vs. disney

    How easy is THAT!

  2. Milly says:

    We were travelling with my niece and unfortunately she came down with the flu literally 1 day into the trip. We called down and they were very helpful; they suggested Centra Care and another company called The Medical Concierge. Since it was late at night we opted for The Medical Concierge since they could come out anytime. They were surprisingly affordable, and they prescribed the medication right on the spot.

    In case anyone finds it helpful, here is their website:
    The Medical Concierge Urgent Care

    There are a lot of convenient services in Orlando, I suggest researching and finding one that’s right for you in case you do experience unexpected illness on or before your vacation.

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