Cinderella Castle at Christmas: Photos and Trivia

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Updated for 2017!

How do you take a great American icon and bedazzle it? You add thousand of sparkley-twinkley lights, and bibbidy, bobbidy, BOO!! There you have Disney’s Cinderella Castle, and she’s all dressed up for the Christmas holidays.

Like fun Disney trivia? Here are some fun holiday facts from one of my favorite Disney sites, Disney by the You can find all their numerical Disney trivia by using this Disney by the Numb3rs link. Let’s see what it takes to make the Castle pop.

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Cinderella Castle at Christmas, when does Cinderella Castle light up, how many Christmas lights are on Cinderella castle,

200,000 LED lights adorn Cinderella Castle, as they have every year since they made their initial debut in 2007.

500 strobe lights are used to help create the sparkling lighting effect.

32,000 square feet of fish netting are used to help hang the LED lights on the Castle.

And it takes 15 miles of cable to hang all the lights in place.

Are You Crazy Enough to Go to World Disney World at Christmas?

Cinderella castle, photo of Cinderella castle, picture of Cinderella Castle, Cinderella

Cinderella Castle at night

Of course you don’t have to stay at Disney during those ten days to enjoy the sights of the seasons, as holiday decorations start appearing throughout the parks by the first weekend in November and stay into the early part of January. And you always have the option to stay off property in a less expensive hotel. But for you to enjoy the holiday decorations during “Christmas” staying on property at a Disney Resort, it’s going to cost you more money than other times of year. That’s what a Cheapskate Princess calls a Disney Splurge.

Thanks to our friends at Disney by the Numb3rs, and stop by their site for some fun Disney trivia. Tell ’em a Cheapskate Princess sent ya!

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  1. Karen Sferra says:

    My family went during the 2nd week of December about 4 years ago, and it was beautiful! We stayed at pop Century and the price of the whole trip was fantastic. I couldn’t imagine and couldn’t afford to almost double the price of the trip just to go during Christmas week itself! We are hoping to plan a trip for next December, can’t wait!

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