Cheap Ways to Keep the Disney Magic Going After Your Vacation

Knowing the crazy amount of money I spend on Disney vacations, it just kills me to go home and have the memory of my time in Orlando slip away. I’m not that old, but those Disney feelings and memories fade quickly. The longer I am back home, the less I seem to recall unless I am sitting in front my pictures. I miss the smell of Disney, the colors of the buildings and characters, the feel of the monorail bench, the sound of the fireworks, and the songs.  I seem to miss it all.

I’ve picked up a couple of tricks through the years that help me keep that Disney Feeling going when I am nine hours away from Main Street. If you are planing your first or 50th trip to Disney, these ideas are cheap and simple, and what Disney princess wouldn’t love that?!

fun ideas for after a Disney vacation

I am a Disney vacationer by hobby, a high school educator by profession, which of course pays for my Disney addiction. Other than just a hunch, I knew there had to be actual “scientific” reasons my six ways work to aid my memory. I found a site called The Learning that gave me some educational wisdom to not only aid you in remembering your vacation, but remembering other facts as well, because in our Big Mac – fast-paced world, who couldn’t use a memory boost?! I ran across two ideas that lend credibility to my ways to continue the Disney Magic.

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Learn with all your senses. If you can see it, touch it, taste it, hear it and smell it, you are much more likely to remember it.

1)  I take air freshener with me to our Disney hotel, and I spray it a couple times a day. When we come back to the room, it smells fresh and clean, or in my case, like Oriental Spiced Ginger in the summer, and Peppermint Gingerbread Cookie in the winter. When I am back at home from my vacation, if I spray some air freshener, one or more of my kids will walk in the room, inhale deeply, and say,”Ah, this smells just like Disney.”

Cheapskate fan Heidi warns not to overspray. “Keep in mind that there are people out there who are allergic/sensitive to perfumes and air fresheners.” Just a little is all you need, and then you’ll have more when you are at home.

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Disney resort

As adults, I expect my children will continue to associate certain smells with Disney, of being on vacation with family. I want them to associate the smell of Disney with the smell of family. Hopefully, when my children have their own families, they will bring me and my air freshener along on their Disney vacations.

2) Basin is one of my all time favorite Disney shops, even if it’s not a treasure trove of Disney images. I buy a bar of soap, split it in three pieces, and every day I can smell like “Disney.” I shower with it on vacation in Orlando, as well as once we get back home.  Sniffing that bar of soap deja vu.s me right back to standing in Downtown Disney. Or sniff again and I am in Basin White at the Grand Floridian Resort and Spa; I can even hear the pianist at his grand piano.

For more pictures and info on Basin products, use this link:

Disney’s Basin: For $5.99, I Can Smell Like Disney All Day!


3) I love jewelry, and I love Disney, so naturally I love Disney jewelry. I have several pieces of sterling silver Disney jewelry that I purchased the World of Disney Store from Downtown Disney, all under the $200 price range. I can’t afford a lot of that, if I plan to wear something different every day, so I mix and match those pieces with eBay white-gold plated jewelry. For under $12, I can get a nice piece of “Disney” jewelry shipped directly from China, and so far none of my purchases have tarnished or broken. They are not licensed merchandise or directly associated with the Disney company,  but they do the trick to remind me of Disney, because where do I also wear my jewelry? On vacation in Orlando, or course.

The same necklace I touch around my neck at the Contemporary Resort is the same necklace my fingers are grasping now, and what do you know, it feels almost like Disney.

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Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you cutting that Basin soap bar in thirds. Take it from me – fourths is too small!


  1. Heidi says:

    Scent is definitely strongly tied to memory and I’m sure your air freshener trick works well but keep in mind that there are people out there who are allergic/sensitive to perfumes and air fresheners. It would make my stay unbearable if someone had doused my hotel room heavily with scents (and imagine if the person with allergies was a child).

    • Renee says:

      Very true about the air fresheners-I actually had to switch resorts because of this. I’m highly allergic and I had to use an emergency kit for my allergies because of this. They don’t change the bedspreads between guests and this can cause an allergic reaction for the next guest. I don’t mean to rain on anyone’s parade but it’s a safety issue.

  2. Anonymous says:
    • Amanda says:

      I bought that 3 years ago, but they still have them. Look for keychain displays on Main street, or Sir Mickey’s behind the Magic Kingdom. I think I have even seen them in Epcot. It’s my ALL TIME favorite keychain, heavy and as long as my hand, and totally worth the $10. Good luck!

  3. Christie says:

    We’ve found a few more things to help: I wear my pins often! I have a collection that is beautiful to me and I rarely want to trade now, but I love wearing my beautiful pins at home. I also buy a charm for my charm bracelet on every trip to remind me of our vacations at Disney. Our favorite hand sanitizer (also a soap at B&Body Works) is the clementine that smells just like the orange groves on Soarin’!!! We also made a photo book at Shutterfly for our last vacation and I’m just working on a new one from our visit earlier this month.

    Makes me laugh, but, for years, my kids loved the smell of diesel because that smelled like Disney to them. We live in the country, so the only time they smell diesel is waiting for the buses to take us to the parks. 🙂