Can a Disney Princess Afford a Vacation at Disney World’s Bay Lake Tower Resort?

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My earliest  memory of a Disney hotel is riding through the Contemporary Resort in 1975. My family never stayed there for even one night, as my Dad made no secret that it was WAY out of our price range. I rode through the building by day, then rode home late at night in a 1973 Ford LTD to sleep on my parent’s friend’s couch 28 miles from the Disney property. We snuck our lunch into the park during the 1970s as well, which I absolutely hated. I vowed to stay at the Contemporary when I grew up. Now I look back, and I’m just grateful I was even in Orlando on vacation.

Here I am as an adult,  riding pretty much the same monorail through pretty much the same Contemporary Resort, but hark…what new building is that out yonder monorail window? THAT is Disney’s Bay Lake Tower. If you’ve seen it, you instantly wonder, how much it costs to vacation there? Ok, Disney Princesses, you might want to sit down…

With amazing views of Bay Lake, there is no closer walk to the Magic Kingdom from any Disney resort. The 16-story, 428-room Bay Lake Tower Resort, one of Disney’s Deluxe Resorts, was built to resemble the modern-styled Contemporary, with the two buildings linked by covered walkway. They also share multiple amenities, so you reap many of the fabulous benefits of the Contemporary just by staying next door.

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Room perks of Bay Lake Tower

  • Free Wi-Fi, free wired high-speed Internet is available in all rooms
  • Flat – panel television
  • DVD
  • 24-hour room service is available
  • Your own patio

Resort perks available at Bay Lake Tower

  • arcade/game room
  • on site marina
  • massage/spa treatment rooms
  • 3 outdoor pools and a water slide
  • 4 spa/hot tubs
  • 2 restaurants within walking distance
  • coffee shop/cafe within walking distance
  • poolside bar
  • fitness facility and tennis
  • wedding services
  • room service
  • beach/pool umbrellas

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Let’s get to the price with no room discount and before taxes are applied. For Value Season, which includes dates in January, February, August and September, 2013 prices are as follows per night on a week day:

Studio – Standard View – $431

One Bedroom – Standard View – $535

Two Bedroom View – $726

Three Bedroom Grand Villa – Lake View – $1838

For Summer Season, which includes dates in June and July, 2013 prices are as follows per night on a week day:

Studio – Standard View – $482

One Bedroom – Standard View – $584

Two Bedroom View – $924

Three Bedroom Grand Villa – Lake View – $2040

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And check out Holiday Season, for all of you who really want to experience the Christmas holidays at Walt Disney World. 2013 prices for December 20th to December 31st are as follows:

Studio – Standard View – $609

One Bedroom – Standard View – $776

Two Bedroom View – $1299

Three Bedroom Grand Villa – Lake View – $2441

Notice those are not weekend prices; weekend princes are, of course, even higher.

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Have you caught your breath yet?

I did my price research at  and What I’ve shown you are show room prices – exactly what you would pay, pre-tax mind you, if you booked a room with no discounts. Remember that prices change frequently, so don’t make any reservations without checking the prices out for yourself.

There are other options for staying at Bay Lake Tower. You can travel during times of year when Disney offers discounts on rooms. I have noticed these occur most often in the fall and pre-spring, when your children are in school.

The Disney Vacation Club offers a chance to pre-pay for your room through a financial arrangement similar to a time share. That topic is for a different day, but it’s certainly not cheap, although I am a fan.

So can a Disney Princess afford to stay at Disney’s Bay Lake Tower without a discount? If you can’t pick up a room discount, you just might have to sell off some of the royal jewels!

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Thanks for stopping by, and we’ll see you on the walkway over to the Contemporary Resort for some lunch at the Contempo cafe.


  1. MaxS. says:

    Wow, let me start off telling you that I <3 your blog! I am a Disney princess and my husband has made me a cheapskate, so when you add those up, I qualify!
    I am lucky enough to have a DVC at BLT, and let me tell you, it is every bit of amazing as you’ve said. However, there are some things about your article that I’d humbly like to mention.
    1. Wifi is now available, free, in every Disney hotel, and Epcot and Typhoon Lagoon; soon to be at all the parks.
    2. You do not have to “sneak” your meals into the parks, you can bring in almost anything you like; of course you have to go through bag-check. I’m pretty sure they frown on glass, and in the Magic Kingdom, no alcohol. Other than that, go right on in. We’ve brought the fixings for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches one time, another time we had chicken salad. We use a wheeled cooler bag and/or a thermal backpack with appropriate ice-packs. Believe me, I love nothing more than staying on-site and having the dining plan, but I like to visit Mr. Mouse more than we can do that, so sometimes we visit deluxe, other times are budget-trips.
    3. The BEST reason to stay at BLT or The Contemporary is to see Wishes! If you have even a partial park view, you can watch it from your room while listening to it on your room’s t.v.! I have been lucky enough to have experienced this once, and it brought tears to my eyes, it is truly amazing. If you don’t have a room with a park view, you can also watch Wishes! from other areas of the hotels.
    4. You can rent DVC points from DVC members, without being a member yourself. You could also be the lucky recipient of a DVC gifted stay. Before we bought any DVC points ourselves, we were lucky enough to be given a gift at the Animal Kingdom Lodge. And we recently gifted our oldest daughter and her new husband with a mini-honeymoon weekend, also at Animal Kingdom Lodge. (He was reluctant to go; he’s not a theme-park lover so they didn’t get park passes. But he had a blast!) I hope you’ll mention the concept of renting DVC points when you write your DVC article.

  2. Christie says:

    For this price, does that include Park tickets as well?

  3. Thomas says:

    I’d second Max’s comments, above: If you want to stay at BLT, then rent points from David’s. Even if you wanted to stay from 12/20 – 12/31 (this year, even at this late date of booking), you’d be saving 80.00 a night by going through David’s (

  4. Ruby says:

    I rented directly from a DVC owner via in order to reserve at BLT. We got a Magic Kingdom view studio for about $250 per night for a week in September 2015.

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