Disney Dooney

How Can You Get Merchandise Coupons for Disney World and Disneyland?!

Why pay full price for Disney World and Disneyland souvenirs when you can pick up a coupon when you take a break for a meal. Here’s info. on how that works…

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Disney Dooney Lucy handbag

Can You Afford the New Dooney & Bourke Mickey Mouse Daisy Handbags?

Have you seen the latest Disney Dooney & Bourke handbag? We’re got photos and prices for the Disney Princess who loves wearing Mickey Mouse at work or at the theme parks.

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Disney Cruise ship

A Disney Cruise: Book It Now and Pay It Off Later!

Have you been thinking about taking a Disney cruise? Now is the time to our on your Mickey Mouse hat and start your planning!

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Mickey Mouse engagement ring

Fabulous Disney-Inspired Wedding Rings, Perfect for a Disney Princess!

We searched the Internet high and low for signs of Disney love. You simply will not believe this collection of Disney-inspired engagement and wedding rings.

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Disney cruise keychains

Why this $10 Item May Be the Best Disney World Souvenir Ever!

Disney key chains are some of the least expensive Disney World souvenirs you will find on vacation. How many key chains do you really need? Turns out…a bunch!

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Disney World scrapbook ideas

Making a Disney World Scrapbook? Get These Disney Google Maps for FREE!

You won’t believe how entertaining these Google maps can be, but they can also be used as free materials for your next Disney World scrapbooks. This is super easy and best of all…FREE!

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Pack the greatest Disney parks bag

How to Pack the BEST Disney World Theme Park Bag Ever!

Ever walked into a Disney theme parks and realized you forgot something? Buying replacements can get expensive. We asked our Facebook Fans what items they couldn’t live without in their Disney parks bags, and now we’ll help you pack your own bag!

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Disney jewelry you make yourself

Disney World Pressed Penny Jewelry Fit for a Disney Princess!

So you have a bunch of Disney pressed pennies sitting around after your last vacation? Let us show you where to find instructions to turn them into beautiful jewelry. Not crafty? We can show you where to purchase it as well!

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Settings for pick a pearl at Disney World

Under $20, See Why the Pick-A-Pearl from Disney World is a Must-Do!

Looking for something special to bring home from Walt Disney World? Look no further than the WDW Pick-A-Pearl experiences.

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