Downtown Disney Springs hotel rate deals

Get Fabulous End of Summer Value Rates at the Downtown Disney Resorts

As the summer heat starts to take a slightly downward spin, special prices are being offered at many of the Downtown Disney Resort Area Hotels. It’s […]

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guide to Disney World water parks

Disney World Water Parks: A Cheapskate Princess Guide

Disney World is a hot and busy place in the summer, and one of the best ways to cool off in Orlando is to head […]

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get a free gift card for a Disney Vacation

Book a 2015 -16 Disney Vacation: Get FREE $25 or $50 Gift Cards Plus Autograph Book and Pens

Hey, this is Erin, the official Cheapskate Princess travel representative from Destinations in Florida. Summer is here and with it, we are enjoying swimming, sunshine, […]

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cost of Fort Wilderness Wagon Rides at Disney World

Doing Di$ney 4 Le$$: Wagon Rides Under $10

Sometimes it’s nice to find Disney vacation activities outside the theme parks, big crowds, and big prices. Who is ready for a wagon ride under $10?!

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cheap Disney World Disneyland souvenirs hand sanitizers

Doing Disney for Cheap: New $8.95 Hand Sanitizers

Looking for a great Disney vacation souvenir for under $10? These new hand sanitizers have health benefits as well as cuteness appeal!

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should you order the Disney Dining Plan

Announcing New Changes to the Disney Dining Plan!

Many Internet sources including Touring have announced that starting May 31st, changes are coming to the current Disney Dining Plan. While many people hold […]

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how to save money on a Disney World hotel room

Free Dining Offer FAIL You? How Does Saving Up to 30% Off Your Room Sound?!

Well, if you hold your breath all year for announcements regarding the newest Disney FREE Dining offers, no doubt yesterday was a disappointment for you. Travel […]

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how to paint Mickey Mouse craft

Create this Swirly Mickey Mouse Picture Frame for One Dollar = Practically FREE!

Grab your paint brush and a $1 wooden craft frame to create this great swirly Mickey Mouse frame. One dollar for a Disney inspired craft is practically free!

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Make a Disney World change jar

Planning a Disney Vacation? Why You Need a Disney Change Jar!

Everybody collects change; it’s just one of those things that accumulates. Many families saving up for a vacation, from Disney World and Disneyland to a […]

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